Pioneer in AMR Research and Development: ForwardX

As a leader in the fourth generation of mobile robots (vision AMRs), ForwardX is deeply involved in many application scenarios under the logistics and manufacturing industries and has proposed corresponding solutions to help enterprises quickly build up intelligent logistics and warehouse supply chain networks.

Extensive customer service experience

Over the past 5 years, ForwardX has provided mature and reliable solutions for the e-commerce warehousing and logistics industry with the flexible configuration features of the fourth-generation vision navigation AMR and the f(x) cluster scheduling system’s reliability and superb AI algorithms.

ForwardX’s AMRs are known for superior cluster scheduling capabilities and flexible deployment. ForwardX’s automated solutions have helped many e-commerce warehouses pass the test of record order peaks and easily meet unprecedented supply chain challenges.

AMRs: More than just efficiency gains

Even a 1% error rate can have a significant and lasting impact on a company’s bottom line. By adding AMRs to the workflow, a collaboration between AMRs and employees can significantly reduce error rates. For e-commerce companies, the most basic requirement of users is that goods are sent out and delivered on time. ForwardX’s AMRs have a good guarantee of accuracy in picking and shipping. This comes from their outstanding technical strength and rich manufacturing experience.

Visit ForwardX’s official website for more information about their premium automation solution!

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