Effective Way to Do Anchor Text SEO for Google

Before 10 years search engine optimization was easy to do, if you do some basic link building you will be in the top of the search engines within a day or two, as the day passes search engines have grown especially Google has changed dramatically , it launched the Penguin, Panda updates, which disables all the spammers to manipulate the results through black hat SEO techniques.

Now in 2016, search engine optimization is a daunting task as many people are competing for each keyword. To succeed in Google there is no shortcut, you need to work hard, harder to get our keywords top the results. I ‘m going to discuss of some the ways how anchor text can impact the search results. Text links are the one which are effective because they do not occupy much space and any text can be referenced to the url.

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Three Effective Ways to do Anchor Text SEO.

  1. If you have decided to do anchor text seo, you need to consciously write content according to the keywords you are going to optimize. Iam just referring to the seo terms like keyword density, keyword proximity, you need to have good knowledge about these two. No of times you repeat the word naturally gives you an upper hand to optimize the page for that particular keyword for Instance, you are going to optimize a Keyword called “neem oil” you need to first check whether that keyword is present in the webpage.
  2. Good Landing page with nice design where some important anchor texts are referenced to either an inner page or an external page.
  3. Do Article Marketing. This is one way you can increase the value of a keyword which is referenced by many article directories, as many free article directory sites do not carry any weightage, it is always wise to submit 1 article for each article directory.

In short if you give 10 links to 10 article directories with a same keyword it has got value. Anchor text SEO is the only way to get more visitors through organic results

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