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Most people are familiar with the different types of alcohol that are served at social gatherings. But if you are invited to a social event, and there is the “bring your own bottle” rule, what exactly do you take? Are there different rules about which drinks are acceptable on different social occasions?

In a word, yes, and this article will help to break down the types of alcohol that are acceptable to take to different kinds of parties. So, read on to learn a bit more about this odd social rule!


Spirits like gin, vodka, whisky, and rum are great options to have at any party when you are trying to impress your guests. But they can also be ideal mixers to take along to any kind of gathering, from a BBQ to a housewarming party. So, head to the Oxton Liqueur Company to get a better idea of the different types of mixers and spirits that are available. Also, be sure to look at the alcohol content before mixing them, as some are stronger than others!


As the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world, beer is served on almost every single occasion, from parties and barbecues to small gatherings when watching a sports match.

If you are taking beer along to any events, make sure you take more than one can or bottle, as it’s highly likely that this drink will be passed around at the party!


Most people who have been to a housewarming party or a regular party will have seen bottles of wine. But it can be a bit confusing as to which type of wine you should take to different parties. White wines are considered lighter and drier than red wines, making them ideal for taking to evening events such as dinner parties.

Rose wines can be a great idea for something that is a bit more relaxed, such as a BBQ, as they have a fruitier taste and are great to consume when cold on a summer’s day. Red wines are served at higher-end events, so if you are attending something like a dinner party, it may be worth taking along a bottle or two of red wine.


Associated with special occasions like weddings and New Year’s Eve, champagne is best when it comes to celebratory toasts. It’s worth noting that if you are attending a dinner party, it may also be worth taking along some champagne. If you are hosting a dinner party, serving champagne to entertain your guests before the food is served can be a great way to start conversations and get the event going.

Low Alcohol or Alcohol-Free

You may be wondering at this point why on earth this is included in this list. But if you are somebody who is attending or hosting a party and you or other guests have health issues, are pregnant, or are teetotal, then it is well worth considering taking along low-alcohol or alcohol-free beverages. Suppose you are invited to a baby shower; you can’t exactly take champagne or wine for the mother-to-be, even though it is an occasion that is based around celebration, as the mother will not be able to drink, and there may be other pregnant women there as well. So, be smart and opt for alcohol-free in this instance!

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