How to choose the windshield so as not to make a mistake?

To date, assembly centers, auto parts stores offer a wide range of auto glass from different manufacturers, which differ in price and quality. In this diversity, every motorist sooner or later wonders what kind of glass to mount in order not to make a mistake. Chasing the wholesale car windshields with the quality of the glass just with Alibaba.

Of course, branded glass (of the car manufacturer’s) is very expensive, and many motorists are simply not willing to pay that amount of money. There are many alternatives from world famous manufacturers engaged in auto parts . Their products are not of inferior quality to branded glass, they have all the necessary certifications and the prices are competitive. It should also be remembered that car manufacturers do not manufacture glass but buy them from various global manufacturers. 

When replacing the windshield or any other glass that is a rear window, descending or fixed, our technicians undertake to check that the quality corresponds to the standards.

The high-quality windshield can only be made in the factory , therefore in a modern automatic system fully respecting the necessary technology . One of the most important components in quality auto glass is precise positioning which in turn is only possible in the factory. To avoid making a mistake when choosing a windshield, remember that all the data of the auto glass factory is shown in an angle. The manufacturer, the type of glass: laminated or tempered WLT must be indicated. If the marking is missing, then one should seriously doubt the quality of the proposed glass .

The danger of fitting poor quality glass is that over time it can become opaque and even break, endangering the safety of the driver and passengers. Be careful and cautious. Not only your safety depends on the quality of the windshield, but also that of your wagons.

How the windshield is made

Today the windshield usually uses three layers, two of crystal (the external and internal glass) and one of PVB, a plastic material that helps in structural function and dissipates forces in the event of a collision. This is the basic structure which, however, can vary in the case of more sophisticated models, often for premium cars, and also include rapid demisting systems or other elements.

Does the windscreen have to have the approval logo? Yes, the E indicates that the windshield was made in Europe and the following number indicates the country in which it was approved, therefore subjected to a series of tests and checks at all stages, from design to production to finish with the quality checks.

If the windshield does not have my car manufacturer’s logo, is that okay? Yes, the trademark is optional and it is only an aesthetic quirk. The important thing is that those who replace the glass rely on crystals made with the same specifications (or better) than those used in original equipment and that these comply with international standards.

What is the windshield for

At the birth of the four wheels, the windshield was mounted on a gasket and embedded in a support structure, in order to protect the driver from the wind or, possibly, from the host of insects on the country roads! Today, wind protection is only one aspect of this device, which has evolved to such an extent that it has become essential in contributing to the structural rigidity of the car .

The average is 30%: it means that the body works together with the windshield to ensure rigidity to the vehicle. In short, the crystal is a structural element already included at the car design level and considered when calculating, through numerical simulations, the car’s behavior on the road, not only in dealing with obstacles but also in curves or, in off-road, in situations where the frame is subjected to tension and torsion.

To all this must be added the safety function: obviously the crystal and the PVB protect against stones or other “flying” objects (a fragment of tire carcass for example) but, in the event of an accident, the windshield in the car acts as a support for the passenger airbag, thus ensuring its correct functioning. In the absence of this support, due to incorrect gluing, for example, the airbag would lose its effectiveness.

Finally, the main function, to prevent the expulsion of passengers in the event of an accident: considering that the numbers of passengers who do not wear seat belts are still too high, this function still remains relevant.

When can I repair the windshield?

A broken windshield can usually be repaired if there are minor nicks , usually less than the diameter of a two-euro coin . However, it should be pointed out that only chips can be repaired in which the “bullet” (a pebble for example) has been effectively stopped by the intermediate plastic layer. In this case, repairs must be carried out immediately to avoid the formation of cracks due to:

Changes in temperature: the delta of temperature in the passage from day to night can affect, as well as the humidity collected in the chip which, with freezing, could expand the hole by digging into the crystal. The artificial delta we create when we go to quickly heat or cool the passenger compartment is also dangerous.

Car Vibrations: in the long run, the vibrations of the engine and of the car in general can contribute to the expansion of the chip, transforming it into a crack

potholes, bumps in the road : a hard bump is often the worst enemy of a chipped windshield. As anticipated, the crystal contributes to structural rigidity and therefore also absorbs disconnections and shocks in the event of deep holes (although the major task is delegated to the suspension compartment). In case of chipping, the forces involved could transform the “hole” into a crack.

Pay attention to the products used: the resins must be of excellent quality because otherwise they may not completely fill the chip, thus losing the effect, or turn yellow over time, creating an annoying aesthetic disturbance. Remember that even slightly chipped glass can crack with time and use of the car.

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