Choosing an ATV is a difficult task, which will become a real “quest” for a novice motorist. Buyers are simply lost in the characteristics and range of models. But you want to buy an inexpensive ATV that will last more than one year. Therefore, let’s figure out what to look for when buying an all-terrain vehicle.

Chinese or branded ATVs?

You should start by choosing a manufacturer of equipment. A motorist has two options: to buy an inexpensive 125cc chinese atv or to buy equipment from a well-known brand. The first option is more preferable, since all-terrain vehicles from the Celestial Empire are 3-4 times cheaper than their “pedigreed” counterparts.

ATVs of well-known brands (BRP, Polaris, Arctic Cat, CFmoto, etc.) have long been synonymous with power, reliability and versatility. However, Chinese manufacturers also do not lag behind them, and produce high-quality devices.

The choice of technique depends on the tasks that the ATV must perform. For walks, outdoor activities or transportation of goods, it is better to choose Chinese equipment. And for professional tourism or rally, it is worth buying a premium all-terrain vehicle. However, this technique costs fabulous money. For example, Polaris Sportsman Touring 750 will cost 8.5 thousand dollars.

That is why many riders prefer reliable and inexpensive workhorses. The list of the most popular Chinese manufacturers includes: Comman, Spark, Skymoto, Kayo, Linhai, Forte, Shineray.

What should be the engine power?

First, the rider needs to decide for what purposes the ATV will be used. For example, if you need to choose an ATV for fishing, hunting or walking, then you should pay attention to 150-200 cubic meters. Hummer Lux 200 or Forte Bull 200 would be a great solution.

If the quadric will be used for household purposes (snow removal, transportation of goods, trailer towing, etc.), then it is better to take equipment with a 250-300 cc engine. Models like the Linhai Yamaha LH-300-3D have good cross-country ability and can be used for a wide variety of jobs.

But young riders, on the contrary, are not recommended to take powerful equipment. For a teenager, an all-terrain vehicle with an engine of 110-125 cc is suitable. see for example Forte Hunter 125 or Skymoto Hyper 110.

What characteristics to consider?

The cross-country ability and functionality of an ATV directly depends on its equipment. First of all, you need to pay attention to the chassis, or rather, shock absorbers. For a comfortable ride, they must absorb almost all shocks and vibrations.

The braking system of the vehicle also plays an important role. For walking on light off-road, you can take a quad bike with disc brakes. And for tourism, driving through mud and wetlands, a hydraulic system is better suited. Such brakes are better protected from dirt and moisture, so they will not let you down at a crucial moment.

To decide which ATV to choose, you should pay attention to:

  • Ignition type. The most reliable and convenient solution would be a device with electronic ignition (CDI). Such a “starter” works better in the cold, which is especially important for lovers of winter hunting or fishing.
  • Motor cooling. Usually ATVs are equipped with oil or air cooling. The second option is preferable, since it almost completely eliminates engine overheating.
  • Load capacity. Many buyers simply ignore this characteristic, but the functionality and life span of the device depend on it. To avoid damage to the frame, you should always take into account the maximum load capacity of the ATV, and try not to overload it.

The functionality and convenience of an all-terrain vehicle also depends on its size. For example, for walking or tourism, it is advisable to choose a double ATV, and for driving through the forest it is better to take a single vehicle.

Design and equipment of the ATV

One of the key advantages of Chinese ATVs is advanced equipment. Usually, ATVs of famous brands are delivered “naked”, and the rider has to buy everything necessary.

Manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom complete their equipment:

  • Chipper.
  • Powerful LED or xenon lighting (headlights, brake lights, turn signals).
  • Hand protection.
  • Luggage carriers.
  • Seat back.

In the top Chinese ATVs, you can even find a winch and other useful equipment.

Also, the rider should pay attention to the design of the ATV and the quality of the body. Ideally, the body should be made of ABS plastic. This material has excellent resistance to moderate impacts, as well as protection against UV rays and harsh chemicals (road salt, detergents, etc.).

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