Let’s take a closer look: how to choose a chinese silk robe from the best stylists for our readers.

It is difficult to imagine a more unique piece of clothing than a silk robe. It is very convenient, practical, looks great both in production areas and in cozy home environments. The silk robe comes from the East and has a very rich history. It came at people’s expense from China in the 18th century and, replacing the old peasant caftan, began to be used as an element of home clothing.

Modern designers are not stingy and use exquisite fabrics, embellishments and cuts when developing models of silk robes. From the negligent variety, silk robes stand out with their royal appearance. The undeniable qualities of natural material are its excellent useful properties, hypoallergenicity and strength.

In order for a silk dressing gown to meet all its criteria, it must be carefully selected from a colorful abundance. And the main thing to consider when choosing is the naturalness of the fabric, which is confirmed by the appropriate marking (“100% silk”) on the product label. You can also make sure of the quality of a silk bathrobe in a more original way: set fire to a thread. If the fabric is natural, then the smell of scorched wool or burnt horn will come from the smoldering thread. Well, melted synthetic thread smells like plastic or paper.

Price should serve as an additional guideline when buying. Quality silk robes are not cheap. Here, too, one must be vigilant. Under the guise of home clothes made of natural fabric, dishonest sellers can sell fakes, and bathrobes made of synthetic materials.

When choosing the style of a silk home dressing gown, be guided by the image that you want to create in a circle of close people. To emphasize sexuality, choose a babydoll style dressing gown that only slightly covers the piquant places of a woman’s body. A lady in a long silk dressing gown, decorated with lace and rhinestones, looks no less seductive. To add romance to a love evening, a plain dressing gown on the floor, with a deep shocking neckline on the back.

To feel like a beauty queen in the kitchen, in the morning at breakfast or after an evening shower, get a silk robe in a discreet cut of medium length without defiant decoration.

A silk dressing gown made of flowing natural material is able to adjust any type of figure. For women of fashion who have magnificent forms, it is better to choose products with a small pattern or vertical stripes. Tall ladies who are slender can afford to dress in bright robes with horizontal lines, large ornaments or flowers.

Comfortable, skin-friendly silk bathrobes have taken a leading position in the collections of clothes for the home. Fashion specialists develop not only women’s, but also men’s models.

Advantages of Chinese Silk Robe

First of all, the main advantage of such a dressing gown is the material from which it is made. Silk is almost weightless, and the texture is surprisingly soft. Silk products do not hinder movement, which allows the owner to maintain the grace and ease of gait. However, products made from natural material can be very capricious in their care. The wrong detergent will make the silk shed or completely ruin the integrity of its structure. It is for this reason that so often a silk robe is produced with the addition of synthetic impurities.

Another important issue is the choice of the style of the bathrobe. The most common are products with wide and long sleeves, stylized as a classic kimono. This dressing gown will suit a woman with any type of figure. Ladies of short stature should pay attention to long robes made of dark silk. They visually increase growth and make their owner somewhat slimmer. A dressing gown with a deep cut on the back will add a little coquetry to the look, but at the same time it will not unnecessarily focus on the naked body. And of course, the most sexy will be translucent or completely transparent products, decorated with lace.

In addition to the fact that a silk robe will add self-confidence to its owner, it also has other useful properties. Even in ancient times, it was proved that silk has a beneficial effect on the skin and does not cause allergic reactions. It steadfastly blocks the influence of various microbes, perfectly passes air and can absorb a significant amount of moisture.

A woman in any setting should always look attractive and spectacular. This axiom has long been known to all. Keeping this in mind, ladies of different ages strive to decorate themselves in every possible way, going to work, meetings, shopping, walks. But at home, many allow themselves to relax and not bother choosing clothes, which is an unacceptable mistake. Women’s silk dressing gown will help to correct the situation. In it you will always look young and seductive.

Women who value their health and beauty should immediately stop buying products made from synthetic fabrics. Only a dressing gown made of natural threads can give an unforgettable feeling of comfort and pleasure. Silk has a soft texture and extraordinary lightness, bordering on weightlessness. It gently flows over the body without restricting movements. This allows the woman to move smoothly while maintaining natural grace.

Silk perfectly passes air, well absorbs moisture, interferes with penetration of various bacteria. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and does not cause allergic manifestations.

Alas, silk robes for girls are very capricious in their care. They require increased attention and delicate maintenance. Too hot water or low-quality washing powder can ruin a beautiful thing forever. In addition, silk is quickly wrinkled, forming ugly creases on the dressing gown. To avoid negative manifestations, a small percentage of artificial fibers is sometimes added to the composition of the material.

The ability to correctly evaluate silk clothes helps to protect yourself from fakes and insure yourself against low-quality items.

  • To the touch, the gown should have a smooth sliding surface. Touching it creates a feeling of light coolness.
  • Reputable manufacturers always indicate the presence of impurities in the canvas.
  • It is recommended to carefully examine the silk fabric probe. You can pull the thread and set it on fire. The smell of melting plastic or burning paper indicates a clear fake.
  • Well-executed seams speak about the quality of tailoring. They must be evenly stitched and carefully processed with an overlock. Such seams do not press, do not rub and are practically not felt on the body.
  • Silk robes for women cannot be sold at a cheap price. High-quality clothing from well-known brands is rarely sold at a big discount. Therefore, a low price is a confirmation of dubious quality.

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