What Games Can You Play At A Live Dealer Casino?

What Games Can You Play At A Live Dealer Casino?

You’ve likely encountered live dealer casinos if you’re an online gaming fan. This innovative concept combines the thrill of real-time casino games with the convenience of online play, creating an immersive gaming experience right from your living room.

But what exactly can you play at a live dealer casino? Here are the most engaging games that have captured the attention of online gamblers worldwide.

Monopoly Live

Kickstarting our list is the vibrant game of Monopoly Live. This game breathes life into the timeless board game we all know and love. In this unique version, a live host spins a gigantic wheel in a game show-like setting.

As a player, you must guess where the wheel will land. If you’re fortunate, the wheel might stop on ‘CHANCE,’ rewarding you with instant cash prizes. Even better, landing on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ activates a 3D bonus round where Mr. Monopoly strolls around the board, collecting rewards on your behalf.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is another exciting game in a live dealer casino. It’s a thrilling twist on traditional roulette with a live dealer and a ‘lightning strike.’ In each round, lightning can hit between one and five numbers, boosting payouts by up to 500 times. Lightning Roulette is certainly worth a spin with its dynamic visuals and the prospect of substantial wins.

Lightning Blackjack

Following closely is Lightning Blackjack, another electrifying game in the ‘Lightning’ series. The objective remains the same as classic blackjack – achieve a hand total closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. However, the ‘lightning’ feature adds an exciting twist. Win with a blackjack, and you could multiply your winnings significantly.


Slot games are a staple in any live dealer casino. But these aren’t just slot games. The anticipation builds in a live dealer environment as you watch the reels spin in real-time. There’s a slot game for every taste, from nostalgic fruit machines to thematic video slots.


Sicbo, originating from ancient China, is another popular choice in a live dealer casino. This engaging dice game requires players to predict the outcome of three dice. With a live dealer, each roll unfolds before your eyes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.


Lastly, we have Craps. This classic dice game is a favorite amongst many casino-goers, and it’s no different in a live dealer casino. The goal is straightforward: bet on the outcome of two dice. With a live dealer, the thrill of the roll is amplified, making you feel like you’re in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Beat the Odds: Harness the Power of Live Dealer Casino Games for Ultimate Wins

In summary, a live dealer casino offers a variety of thrilling games, from traditional favorites like roulette and blackjack to innovative new versions like Monopoly Live. Whether you’re an experienced gambler or a curious newbie, there’s a game for you at a live dealer casino.

So, we encourage you to dive in. You might discover your next gaming obsession. We trust this information has been beneficial, and we appreciate your time reading it.

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