Iron spur cockfighting – Some unbeatable secrets for cockers and bettors

Cockfighting, a folk game with a history spanning thousands of years, has become an indispensable part of folk culture in Vietnam and many other countries around the world. Over time, from a traditional game, cockfighting has transformed and developed into many diverse forms, in which spur cockfighting stands out as a popular variation and is loved by a large number of players. Highly intense and dramatic nature. Together home page Find out information through the following article!

Introduction to the type of cockfighting with iron spurs

For cockfighting enthusiasts, especially professional cockfighters, iron cockfighting is no longer a strange thing. In regular friendly matches, fighting cocks will use their natural spurs. However, to enhance the attractiveness and fighting ability of the chickens, chicken farmers often choose to attach iron spurs to them.

Introduction to the type of cockfighting with iron spurs

Strong attraction when playing cockfighting with iron spurs

Iron spur cockfighting attracts viewers because of the significant damage it brings. An accurate kick can quickly decide the victory of the match, increasing the excitement. Iron spurs, with high hardness and sharpness, are usually made from high quality iron or alloy, through a careful grinding process to achieve optimal penetration power.

Prepare and train cocks to use iron spurs

Cocks selected to compete with spurs often undergo special training, requiring a large investment of time, effort and money from the breeder. Not only that, attaching iron spurs to the chicken’s legs also requires the hands of experienced cockfighters, because every small detail in this process can affect the fighting cock’s ability to win.

The iron spur cockfighting game, with its drama and high level of competition, is not only a testament to the development and variation of this folk game but also reflects the creativity and passionate spirit of the people. people love it.

Some types of cockfighting with iron spurs

In the world of cockfighting, spurs are a concept that does not appear in traditional cockfighting competitions. They are divided into two basic forms: knife spurs and round spurs, each type has its own characteristics and uses, bringing unique fighting qualities to fighting cocks.

Classification and characteristics of round spurs

Some people often confuse iron spurs with only round spurs, but in reality, iron spurs include both round spurs and knife spurs. Round spurs are known for their sharp design, creating powerful penetrating power into the opponent with each kick. This type of spur is evaluated based on criteria such as length, sole size, and spur curvature, with prices varying depending on the manufacturer and material.

The outstanding advantage of this type of cockfighting with iron spurs is the ability to create fatal stabs, targeting key areas such as the neck and chest. An accurate stab in these areas can lead to serious injury, even causing the opponent to be unable to continue competing.

The secret of knife spurs

As for the knife spur, this is a popular iron spur variation in many Southeast Asian countries, featuring a design that resembles a small knife. This type of spur is popular not only because of its special shape but also due to the variety of designs, classified by size, sole type and curvature of the blade.

In sparring matches, tactics often include quick attacks aimed at the opponent’s legs, head, neck, and wings. Fighting chicken breeds such as American chickens, Asil chickens, American hybrid bantams, and American hybrid Asil chickens are often chosen for their superior strength, speed and attack techniques.

Some types of cockfighting with iron spurs

The secret to choosing chicken breeds to play cockfighting

Success in cockfighting betting depends greatly on choosing the right chicken breed. Below are three chicken breeds that are highly appreciated by experts and often chosen for fierce matches.
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Strong breed chicken

Breed chickens, also known as fighting chickens or fighting chickens, are a long-standing indigenous chicken breed in Vietnam. Popular in cockfighting, especially spur cockfighting. Breed chickens possess a majestic appearance, fierce temperament, and symbolize strength and courage. To choose an excellent cockfighting cockfighting cock, pay attention to:

  • The main fur color is plum, possibly with some black fur.
  • The beak is wide, curved and pointed, increasing the ability to cause damage.
  • Ideal weight is about 4kg, showing strength and sturdiness.
  • The spurs are long and pointed, to increase the effectiveness of each attack.

American fighting cocks are superior

American fighting cocks are famous for their outstanding bodies, often larger and twice as heavy as pure Vietnamese fighting cocks. This characteristic helps American fighting cocks to be less vulnerable in fights, thanks to their thick protective feathers. To choose a good American fighting cock, players should pay attention to:

  • The coat is thick, providing better protection.
  • The spurs are large and sturdy, enhancing attack ability.
  • The body is muscular and firm, not sagging.

Play spur cockfighting with the Asil breed

Asil chickens are known as the strongest fighting chicken breed in the world, with intelligence and strong muscle development, popular in Southeast Asia. To identify an excellent Asil chicken, pay attention to:

  • Body weight from 2.5kg to 4kg.
  • Curved beak with striking color, usually yellow.
  • The shoulders and hips are broad, and the tail is thick and sturdy, especially at the base.

The above chicken breeds not only stand out in appearance but also in their extraordinary fighting ability, helping players optimize their chances of winning in spur cockfights.

The secret to choosing chicken breeds for spur cockfighting

Winning strategy when participating in cockfighting with iron spurs

In the high-stakes cockfighting environment, readiness and alertness are the keys to success, from cockers to bettors, everyone needs to apply smart strategies.

Strategy of the cockerel

  • Knowledge about fighting cocks is an indispensable factor in raising and training your cocks. At the same time, understanding and mastering how to securely attach iron spurs to chicken legs is a necessary art. In case of need, do not hesitate to ask experienced people around for help.
  • The technique of installing spurs for fighting cocks is a step that cannot be neglected. When bringing fighting cocks into the fighting arena, you must be determined not to accept changing spurs based on other people’s advice. Be wary of offers to change iron spurs to aluminum spurs. On the outside, they may look sharp, but in reality the material is soft and brittle, putting your cocks at a disadvantage.

Advice for bettors playing cockfighting spurs

  • Always stay alert and carefully observe the participating cockfighters, to detect any collusion to create unjustified benefits.
  • In the middle of the match, after assessing the strength of each cock, this is when players tend to place strong bets. It is at this time that cheaters can take advantage of to change the outcome of the match by using anesthesia or ecstasy.

Following and applying the above tips will help participants in cockfighting increase their chances of winning, while experiencing this game in a fair and transparent manner.


In short, cockfighting is not only a traditional entertainment game but also a betting sport that requires understanding, skills and tactics. For cockers and bettors, applying the secrets and strategies shared by  New88 not only helps increase your chances of winning but also enhances your betting experience. Remember, in cockfighting betting, knowledge and preparation are always the keys to victory.

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