How to play Trac Kim Hoa New88 in detail, “pocket” real money

New players who have just joined New 88 Bookmaker or long-time veteran players cannot ignore the card game Trac Kim Hoa. The game rules are easy to understand, How to play Trac Kim Hoa New88 It’s so simple that it attracts many bettors to try. All information about this popular online game, and some interesting playing tips will be available New88 Reveal in the article below.

Detailed rules of Trac Kim Hoa New88

Trac Kim Hoa New88 is a 100% online prize-winning card game at New88 Bookmaker, also known as 3-card win. This game uses a deck of 52 cards, the winning or losing result will be calculated by counting 3 cards in hand. Based on your predictions, you bet money on Long, Phung and special doors depending on the game.

The New88 Trac Kim Hoa card game is not limited to the number of participants, you can choose to table 1:1 with the house or bet with others. At the beginning of the game, the Dealer will divide the cards into 2 piles, 3 cards on each side are face down in the order of Long first, Phung next. You can speculate that the door will appear and bet on it.

After the timer runs out, the Dealer will open each card in the 2 dealt hands and compare the final results. In the case of entering the correct box, the player will win, however if they lose, they will lose the entire bet to Bookmaker New88.

Common placement doors in the game Trac Kim Hoa

In a game of Trac Kim Hoa New88 there will be 7 common bets including Long, Phung, Barrel, Lobby, Storm, Lobby Barrel and finally Double 8 or more, each bet will have a different corresponding payout rate.

Instructions for calculating points in the card game Trac Kim Hoa New88

In the game Trac Kim Hoa at New88, cards from 2 to 9 have a value equivalent to the number of points printed on the card. For example, a piece with the number 2 counts as 2 points, a piece with the number 3 counts as 3 points.

Meanwhile, cards from 10, J, Q, K will not be counted. When counting cards, the Dealer will consider these cards as 0. Card A (ace) is counted as 1 point.

Order of large and small cards in the Trac Kim Hoa card game

The order of cards in Trac Kim Hoa New88 will be different from other Live Casino games, the scores are ranked from high to low as follows: High score → Pair → Straight → Flush → Straight Flush → Storm.

In a situation where there is a Storm on one side and a Storm Assassin on the other, the Storm side is ranked lower. In case there is only Storm or Storm Assassin in the game, it is considered the lowest scoring door.

Similarly, if both Dragon and Phoenix appear in pairs, compare the values ​​to see which pair is greater. If 2 pairs have the same number, compare the 3rd odd card to see which side is larger. In case both sides have the same Storm, Barrel, Straight or odd cards, the Dealer will compare the scores of each card to determine the final result.

Storm All 3 cards have the same score
Hall break box 3 cards create a straight of the same suit
Lobby 3 cards create a straight of different suit
Bin 3 random cards have the same suit
Pair 2 cards out of 3 have the same value
Peak post Any 3 cards of any type

Winning rate in Trac Kim Hoa New88

Depending on whether the door is easy or difficult to appear, the payout rate of Bookie New88 in Trac Kim Hoa New88 will be different, specifically in the table below:

Betting window Payout rate
Long 1 : 0.97
Phung 1 : 0.97
Storm 1 : 120
Hall break box 1 : 100
Bin 1 : 8
Lobby 1 : 7
Pair 8 or more 1 : 2

How to play Trac Kim Hoa New88 from A – Z

How to play Trac Kim Hoa New88 is not difficult, and is often chosen by new recruits joining Live Casino New88 to increase the probability of winning. Just follow the 4 steps below to ensure you can comfortably “close” all Trac Kim Hoa bets:

  • Step 1: Register an official account at New88, someone from the customer service switchboard will call to announce promotions and verify player information. If you already have an account, just select Login, provide information and you’re done.
  • Step 2: At the home page interface, select Live Casino → Choose any Game Lobby to play Trac Kim Hoa New88.
  • Step 3: After entering the lobby, active bets will be displayed, you just need to click play → Place your bet on the desired bet and you’re done.
  • Step 4: Dealer opens the cards and calculates the points. If they match the bet you placed, the prize will be paid directly to your personal account.

Secret to playing Trac Kim Hoa New88 with high winning probability

Trac Kim Hoa is considered a card game of chance, players do not need to have too advanced tricks but must pocket the “tips” below to increase the probability of winning:
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Use the strategy of guessing and folding

The technique of predicting and folding is commonly used in most Casino games and has outstanding results. That means you will monitor the history of the games to predict which door will come out next, double your bet slowly until you win.

After winning, the bet will be set to the original level, continue to multiply and continue that cycle to win bigger prizes.

Choose a bet that suits your budget

Based on capital and experience, you can choose the appropriate bet. For example, new players should choose low bets to get used to it. When they master how to play Trac Kim Hoa New88, they can gradually increase their bet level. Don’t multiply your bet just because you lost 2-3 games, the probability of you losing everything is very likely.

Priority is given to choosing the Long – Phung bet

In fact, New88 Bookie’s payout ratio for Long – Phung is quite low at 1:0.97. After 1 game, you will still lose a little but not win more. However, for beginners, this is an opportunity to learn. You can watch how the experts in the game play to learn.

Learn how to remember the cards in Trac Kim Hoa New88

A 52-card Western card in the New88 Trac Kim Hoa game will be played slowly until all new cards are gone, only changing once every 8 games. The cards that have been released will not appear again, so you should remember carefully to choose a more suitable bet.

WithHow to play Trac Kim Hoa New88 Details from A – Z below and the secret to playing well, you can absolutely win generous rewards with this card game. Don’t forget to follow the next issues of New88 to learn more interesting and super attractive ways to play betting and card games today.

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