Are you looking for a high-quality men’s quartz watch, but don’t know exactly which model is right for you? Then you’re in the right place. I have been a watch enthusiast for many years and regularly test the best watches and smartwatches.

On this page I introduce you to the best quartz watches and to make it as easy as possible to choose your future watch, I will give you a detailed review of the best quartz watches currently on the market.


What is sacrificed in craftsmanship, it compensates for in value and reliability. The best quartz watches offer a great deal of visual appeal, making them a viable alternative for those looking for a practical and quality timepiece.

Today, quartz watches are generally cheaper than their mechanical relatives, but some of quartz Japan’s biggest names offer some four-digit options. For example, quartz watch japan movt, Omega and Tag Heuer have quartz options in their current collections.

Quartz watches are in practice sought after for the following reasons: affordable prices, greater accuracy, and almost no maintenance (apart from replacing the battery).

It is these three factors, led by Japanese brands like Casio and Seiko, that decimated the traditional watch industry in the 1970s, during a time when the Swiss called the quartz crisis – and the rest of the world called the quartz revolution.

What Makes a Quartz Watch Good?

When choosing a quartz watch, there are a few things you should definitely consider. So to help you find the best quartz watch for you, in this section we will look at what makes a good quartz watch and things to think about before buying one.

The clockwork mechanism

Since quartz movements are relatively simple and even cheaper movements work much more accurately than a mechanical watch, this way with a quartz watch you don’t have to worry too much about the movement.

However, you should note a few things.

Country of origin

Similar to mechanical movements, Japanese and Swiss quartz movements are considered to be the most reliable and of the highest quality.

Battery life

Since quartz watches are battery powered, the battery will need to be replaced sooner or later. This is not only annoying, it can also damage the seals of the watch.

It therefore makes sense to choose a quartz movement that can last as long as possible with a battery . Alternatively, you can of course also choose a sundial that works without changing the battery.


Unlike mechanical watches, it is quite inexpensive to add additional functions to quartz watches.  Before buying a quartz watch, you should think carefully about what additional functions you would like to have with your watch.

Here is a small list of the most popular additional functions of quartz watches:

  • stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Wake Up
  • Display of day of the week and date.

The impermeability

Since quartz watches are electrically operated, it is particularly important that they are well protected from the ingress of water. So, when buying, you should make sure that the watch is water resistant to at least 3 bars. If you want to be absolutely sure, you should even better insist on 5 bars.

From a water resistance of 10 bar, it is safe to swim with the watch and from 20 bar the watch is also suitable for diving.

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