Loyal Health Companion: Smart Scale Manufactured by Welland

As living standards have risen, the national diet structure has gradually shifted from eating enough to eating well; we are paying an increasing amount of attention to body management; weight control has also become one of the primary points of concern in the process of dieting; therefore, how can people understand their weight data, how can they analyze changes in their weight and even body fat rate, as well as other health indicators? These questions have a satisfactory response in the form of Welland’s Bluetooth smart scale, which was recently released.

Traditional Scale: Not convenient enough

The only function that traditional weight scales have is the ability to display data. When the object to be weighed is placed on the scale, the scale displays the current object’s data. When the object is moved away from the scale, the data disappears. Traditional weight scales cannot record, store, or analyze data.

Welland’s unique perspective on this bothersome issue, as well as their independent research and creation of a Bluetooth smart scale.

When compared to conventional weight scales, Welland’s Bluetooth smart scale has the advantage of being able to connect to a cell phone application via low-power Bluetooth. Once connected, the data obtained on the smart scale can be transferred to the application, and the current data can be received through the application.

Additionally, if it is weighed at different periods, the accumulated weighing data can be stored in the system background, and data analysis of changes can be carried out based on the accumulated data. The intelligence of the smart scale is mirrored in its tiny size and low power consumption, both of which are made possible by the low-power Bluetooth data transmission that the Welland Bluetooth smart scale uses.

Turn to the official site of Welland for further information!

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