How do get an SIA licence?

Are you seeking employment in the private security market? But continue reading to learn more about licenses and courses. This may appear complicated at first, but we’re here to make it less so. We’ll assist you in determining which SIA license is appropriate for you.

Why do you need an SIA licence to work?

The Security Industry Authority is the body that is in charge of overseeing and maintaining all elements of the SIA-regulated business. They are a non-departmental public company reporting to the Home Secretary that was established in 2003 under the provisions of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

The Private Security Authority was established in order to protect society by raising and attaining high standards in the private security sector. They also oversee the licensing of individuals working in particular sections of the private security business. In other words, they must approve you before you can work in this sector. The SIA is a license that allows you to get that approval.

Without an SIA license, you can’t legally work in the security business. So if you’re looking for a position as a Door Supervisor or a Security Guard, keep reading.

Getting the Right SIA License

So now you know why you’ll need an SIA license to work in the security business, but the next question is which one is best for you? It does not have to be difficult to determine which SIA licence you require. Because the licenses are divided into various sectors of the private security sector, determining where you want to work will help narrow it down. There are two main differences between Sia licences.

Front line licence

If you want to perform a licensable activity on the job (which includes anything in the security business, from door supervision to CCTV operation), you’ll need a front line license. A plastic SIA card is needed for all security roles that must be worn at all times while performing their duties.

Non-front line licence

A non-front-line SIA licence is necessary for individuals who oversee, manage, and/or employ people who perform licensable activities. This letter-based SIA license is issued by the department.

How to get an SIA Licence

You’ve discovered the SIA license and SIA training program for you. The next step is to learn how to get licensed. The method for obtaining an SIA certificate is as follows:

  • Complete your free SIA training course at Dynamis
  • All of it begins with an SIA training course. Choose the right one for you and get started.
  • Pass your SIA training course
  • The next stage is to complete your SIA training program. Our best-in-class training partners have some of the highest pass rates in the business, so passing should be simple.
  • Complete an application for the Security Industry Authority.
  • After completing your SIA training, you’ll be able to apply for your license.
  • You’ve just earned an SIA Licence.

What sorts of employment can you get with an SIA license?

Whatever SIA card you choose will provide you access to a wider range of employment possibilities. You may now begin looking for SIA-licensed positions and hoping for your ideal profession. You’ll be able to work in security with your brand new valid SIA license.

If you want to find out more about SIA training courses, discover free SIA training at Dynamis Education Centre.

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