How A Rotary Potentiometer Works

How A Rotary Potentiometer Works

In this article, customers will learn how a rotary potentiometer works and what is best suppliers in manufacturing them.

What is a Rotary Potentiometer?

Rotary potentiometers,  are electronic components that mostly have three terminals, two fixed contacts, and one sliding contact, which can be rotated to change the resistance value.

Common carbon film or ceramic metal film potentiometers can contact the printed film through the copper foil or copper sheet, and rotate or slide to generate different resistances at the output and input ends. As for potentiometers that require higher power, wire-wound potentiometers are used.

How does a Rotary Potentiometer Work?

Rotary potentiometers work by changing the position of the sliding contact through a uniform resistance. In a potentiometer, the entire input voltage is applied across the entire length of the resistor and the output voltage is the voltage drop between the fixed and sliding contacts. The two terminals of the input source of the rotary potentiometer are fixed at the end of the resistor. To adjust the output voltage, the sliding contact is moved along the resistor on the output side.

Advantages of rotary potentiometers

1.current control

2.Distribution of voltage

3.Changing resistance


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