Attentions When Using Guy Grip Dead End

It’s no secret that the guy grip is a common way to wire and cable up electrical wiring. It’s an easy, safe way to do this without any nasty twirls of wire or exposed wires. And there are many safety considerations and methods to maximize guy grip dead end!

Safety Considerations

  1. Guy grip dead end could also be removed and reapplied twice after initial installation to retention guy strands. Please note that after 3 months of installation, the dead end should be removed and replaced with a new one.
  2. Guy grip dead end should be used on hardware that’s held during a fixed position; the fitting shouldn’t be allowed to rotate or spin.
  3. Lay the direction of both the Dead ends and therefore the strand should be the same. Unless otherwise specified, all guy strand is left-hand lay.
  4. Guy grip dead end is a precision device. To ensure proper performance, it ought to be stored in cartons undercover and handled carefully.

How to Maximize Grip Dead End

In this blog section, I will be discussing the best advice a pro has given me when it comes to grip dead end. By following the advice in this blog, you can maximize your grip strength and improve your accuracy.

The loop of the Guy-Grip Dead End is designed for use with thimbles and stay rod eyes having smooth contours, diameters and groove widths which will adequately support the loop of the fitting


If you need help, give guy grip dead end a try—you might be surprised at just how effective it can be!

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