Winner Medical’s Silicone Foam Lite Dressing With Border: Enhancing Healing with Comfort

The Comforting Touch for Wound Care

Silicone foam dressing by Winner Medical with a border stands out as an advanced bordered foam dressing featuring superior absorption and retention capabilities. It’s designed for gentle adhesion to wounds, offering a comforting approach to healing. This specialized dressing is composed of four key layers:

Key Features and Benefits

Winner Medical’s silicone foam dressing is carefully engineered to support wound care, especially for conditions like leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns, and traumatic wounds. Here are some of the standout features and advantages:

Gentle Adhesion: The inclusion of hypoallergenic soft silicone in the wound contact layer ensures a secure yet gentle adhesion. This minimizes discomfort and pain during dressing changes.

Enhanced Absorbency: Silicone foam dressing with a border is capable of absorbing a substantial amount of wound exudate. Its four-layer composition maintains an ideal moisture balance that accelerates the wound healing process.

Maceration Prevention: The design of this dressing effectively locks in exudates, preventing periwound maceration.


In summary, silicone foam lite dressing with a border provides a gentle and effective approach to wound care. It prioritizes patient comfort while creating an environment conducive to healing. Healthcare professionals will find this versatile dressing invaluable for managing wounds with mild to moderate exudate, especially in hard-to-dress areas. It streamlines the process for both patients and caregivers, making wound care a more comfortable experience.

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