What’s hot about Kubet dragon tiger? Experience playing undefeated dragon tiger betting

Kubet – an online website betting specializing in providing extremely pure Vietnamese entertainment products. In addition to popular betting games such as: forward, phom… Dragon Tiger is also a genre that is well received by many bettors. For new “rookies”, they think that this game just needs luck. But with longtime gamblers do not agree like that. So how can you win and make money from this website bet from the game Dragon Tiger. Let’s learn some useful experiences through the article below.

Learn about the game Dragon Tiger at the Kubet website betting

Here we will find out what the dragon tiger game is and the types of bets in this game.

What is the concept of Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is one of the famous online card games in Asia. Most people think that this game originated in China. But in fact, this game comes from the land of Cambodia’s golden pagodas. One of the Asian countries with the fastest growing online casino today.

This is a game that is loved by many gamblers because of the fast speed of a game and the way to play, the rules are easy to understand. This type of card is similar to other card games such as baccarat, baccarat, … all use a deck of 52 cards to play (no joker).

Like the online Poker game, this dragon tiger player does not have to play with the dealer (the dealer). Their goal is to choose in the game DRAGON – TIGER, who has the higher score.

Discover the types of bets in the game Dragon Tiger at Kubet

In the online dragon tiger game at the website bet, there are various forms of betting. However, there will be 3 basic types of bets that you can choose to entertain: Dragon – Tiger – Draw. In addition, they also have several different types of parity bets such as:

Even Dragon Door: bets for even-pointed dragon cards are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q.

Odd Dragon Door: bets for odd-pointed dragon cards will be A, 3, 5, 7, 9, J, K.

Even Tiger: This bet is for even-pointed tiger cards 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q.

Odd Tiger: bets on the cards on the tiger door with odd points of A, 3, 5, 7, 9, J, K.

Experience playing dragon and tiger effectively at the Kubet website betting

The following are the experiences shared by many brothers when playing Dragon Tiger game at the Kubet website bet. Although it is very simple, you can refer to it and apply it to improve your win rate when playing.

Choose a reputable website betting to play dragon tiger

First of all, when playing this game, the first thing that we guide to play dragon tiger online for players needs to pay attention to. That is choosing for yourself a reputable bookmaker. And Kubet will be the first choice for you.

Don’t bet too much on a tie

The tie door is known as the betting door with very high odds, placing 1 and eating up to 8 in the game dragon tiger Kubet. However, if you look at the table of the results of the past games, you can see that the Draw door does not always win the player. Because at this door the explosion rate is very low. Therefore, it is very difficult for you to guess that game. Therefore, the best way to bet on a regular tie would be to lose money.

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Small bet – Dragon tiger game experience for newbies

Experience playing Dragon Tiger online game at Kubet

You should not be too hasty to want to win the website bet, you should bet small at the start. This helps us pocket experiences that no one else can teach. With that, our stakes will gradually increase as experience increases. Moreover, when placing a small amount, if there is a loss, it will not lose too much, so it is easy to keep calm and correct judgment to continue playing the next games.

Bet on demand

According to observations, the game Dragon Tiger also has a repeatability in a certain sequence called by many players. The bridge here is not always like that but will often change often, in order to bet on demand, the player must first catch the bridge that the website bet results are coming out. Look closely to discover the rule and test it many times before placing a bet.

Know when to stop playing

It can be seen that Dragon Tiger online is an attractive game, when playing it is very easy to “fascinate”. With the common mentality of many people who want to be greedy, big profits when playing Dragon Tiger game on Kubet. Especially when you have won a good amount of money, you want to play more because you think you are lucky. Because of that thought, many brothers not only earn more, but also lose both the profit and capital. Therefore, keep your mentality and know “enough” when playing. When you feel that you have made a profit, quickly withdraw money at the website bet right away, avoiding greed and losing everything.

Apply strategies to play

With the development of technology today, you can easily go online to find your own experiences. Or the strategies from the masters shared when playing the game Dragon Tiger Kubet. Learn to refer to and apply these playing strategies, it will help you win a lot easier. The two most popular playing strategies currently used successfully by many people are soles and rushes. Therefore, take some time to learn on your own to choose a playing strategy that is right for you.

Keep the spirit of steel

Morale is one of the very important factors that help you control the win-loss ratio, and at the same time decide the outcome of the match. When playing, keep yourself a steady state of mind, because all stress and anxiety will affect your ability to judge.

Is the Kubet website betting reputable?

Currently, there are many bookmakers operating in the betting market. But not every website betting will be a reputable and quality address. However, Kubet belongs to one of the leading prestigious bookmakers in Asia. At this point, players can be completely assured because this is a website betting that has been licensed to operate legally in the market.

Moreover, this is also an address trusted by many bettors to participate. Because this website bet converges the following outstanding advantages:

The website bet is licensed to operate legally.

Kubet is committed to ensuring high security for customers. The website betting cooperates with the leading companies in the network security system. To ensure absolute and privacy of customer information.

The website betting offers many different game genres from sports betting, to games in the attractive online casino section such as baccarat, slots, roulette and other entertaining games.

The website interface of the website bet is very user-friendly.

The betting odds are extremely attractive and create the highest benefits for players.

Deposit and withdrawal forms “super-fast”, accurate and reputable.

Efficient customer care staff to answer all questions online 24/7.

There are many attractive promotions and offers for new and old players.


Kubet has answered players’ questions about the game Dragon Tiger. To play well in this sport, players need experience or just rely on luck. When you understand and grasp the experience of playing Dragon Tiger at the website bet, you will definitely improve your performance. Have fun playing and good luck.


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