What To Know About Camlock Valves

What To Know About Camlock Valves

Camlock valves are used as a part of the water distribution system, but there are also many other uses for this important piece of equipment. Keep reading to discover some of the helpful information about camlocks valves.

What is a Camlock Valve?

A camlock valve is an important part of any water system. It allows you to control the flow of water by opening and closing the valve. They are also a popular choice for home and small business water systems. Camlock valves come in many shapes and sizes, but the basic principle is the same.

Camlock valves are most commonly found on faucets and showerheads, but they can also be used on irrigation systems, fire suppression systems, and more.

When choosing a camlock valve, it’s important to consider your needs. You’ll want to choose one that fits your specific water system and budget. Some things to consider include the type of valve (manual or automatic), size, price, and durability.

How to Use a Camlock Valve

Camlock valves are a type of valve that uses camming action to open and close. They’re commonly used in water and gas systems, but can be found in other applications as well. Camlock valves are easy to operate and are often used in areas with high pressure or temperatures.

Tips for Maintenance and Troubleshooting

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your valves much. But if your water’s not coming out, or if the pressure is too high or low, your valves might be to blame. Here are some tips on how to take care of them and troubleshoot any issues.

  1. Keep your valves clean. Dirty valves can lead to problems with leakage or a loss of water pressure. Regularly clean them with a hose or a bucket of water and a plunger. Let it sit for 30 minutes before using the water again.
  2. Check the seal on your valve stem. A loose seal can cause water to leak out of the valve. To check the seal, turn the handle so that the water flows freely through both pipes and look for bubbles underneath the valve (the bubble should travel up the stem and escape through a hole in the top). If there are any bubbles, replace the seal (available at hardware stores) or tighten the screw that holds it in place.


Camlock valves are a type of valve that is often used in water and wastewater systems. They are particularly useful when it comes to controlling the flow of water, as they allow for very fine tuning of the amount of water entering or leaving a system. If you are considering purchasing camlock valves, Union Metal will be your sensible choice!

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