What is an exception draw? Extremely accurate guide to betting on draw odds

The draw bet is one of the popular types of bets in the soccer betting world today, it attracts players from the way of playing to the generous winning bonus. To learn more about how to play and the secret to betting, please follow the article below New88sg !

What is an exception draw?

A draw except is a type of bet in sports betting in which players bet on a draw result of the match, except in some specific cases. For example, a draw except 0-0 means the player bets on a draw result of the match, except if the match ends 0-0.

Exceptional draws usually have higher odds than regular draws, as the likelihood of a match ending in a draw is lower. However, players should note that if the match ends in a draw in the event of an exception, then the player will lose the bet.

For example, if a player bets 100,000 VND on a draw except 0-0 with odds 1.5, then the player will win 150,000 VND if the match ends in a draw, but will lose 100,000 VND if the match ends. ended with a score of 0-0.

The secret to betting on a draw except 

Depends on the betting history of the two teams participating in the match

You need to research and analyze the games in which the two teams entering the match have competed against each other in previous tournaments, and the achievements that the two teams have previously achieved. . Then you compare with each other, which team has more goals, which team has more good football players and which team’s coach is quite outstanding, not only that.

Don’t choose to be in a team that can compete for temporary access. If a group has too many goals lost, they will reveal more or less weaknesses that will be captured by their opponents. You should choose to bet on a team that has consistent performance, few losses in matches, and famous players who play well.

Pay attention to external factors

External factors that affect the game include: weather conditions, field conditions, information related to the team’s internal affairs, etc.

For example, if a match is played during a time of heavy snow, for teams from Asia, whose physical condition is not good in very cold weather, they will lose their advantage and reduce their fighting ability. is a matter of great concern. Therefore, it can be seen that the weather condition is quite important and has a significant impact on the tournament.

Or if the team plays on their country’s soccer field, the ability to play on a familiar field will increase their chances of winning.
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Consider betting time

Before making a decision to bet on a draw, you should not rush to bet on the team that looks more outstanding. In the world of football, a very interesting thing suddenly appeared, even though it was a brave team that won many matches but could still lose to a weaker team. That’s why you have to keep yourself calm and analyze carefully to make the best choice.

A special recommendation for you is to keep an eye on the time when the first half ends, then you will know the beliefs of the two teams on the field in that game, so you can predict more accurately.

Notes to know when playing draw odds except:

Here are some common exceptions in draw bets:

  • The match ended in a draw
  • The match ended with a win or loss score for either team
  • The match ends with the win or loss score of one of the two teams and has some additional specific conditions, such as the winning team must score at least 2 goals, or the losing team must lose with a difference of at least 2 goals. .

After you grasp the secret to playing bets, you will no longer be careless about the dangers that may appear during the game. New88 We will show bettors some tips that can help you feel more secure when betting:

  • First of all, bettors should never bet on their own “hunches”, because luck will rarely be present in football betting.
  • Do not place bets based on judgment or anything that you cannot confirm with certainty.
  • If the bookmaker is not clear and transparent, you should not bet. Ask to find out the bookmaker’s information before betting. Only choose bookmakers that publicly disclose clear and transparent information.
  • Preview the match in the first half first and then decide to place a bet.

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