What are the Important Topics From Current Affairs asked in the IAS Exam

What are the Important Topics From Current Affairs asked in the IAS Exam?

In the IAS exam, current affairs are of utmost importance in all the stages of the exam, be it prelims, mains, or personal interviews. There are various questions asked from this section and at every exam stage. The worst part is there is no prescribed syllabus for the current affairs asked in the IAS Exam. This means that there is a lot that needs to be covered.

Well, you don’t need to worry, as there are a few important topics that are asked every year in the exam, so studying them can help you make your preparation better. Many students get confused while preparing the current affairs section, as it is a dynamic and undefined part.

The best way to prepare for current affairs is by reading newspapers every day and solving previous years’ papers to get an insight into the type of questions asked. We have done this study for you and listed a few important topics asked in the IAS exam.

Important Topics from Current Affairs Asked in the IAS Exam

Here is the list of some of the most asked and important current affairs topics in IAS exams:

  • Environmental agreement and conventions – This comprises the changing dynamics of the country’s position in this sector. The questions asked from this sector are usually about the Kyoto Protocol, Ramsar Convention, Birdlife International, Paris Summit, or any international conference and its implications on India’s environmental policies.
  • Scientific achievements in space and defence – It has been observed that questions related to this topic have been asked numerous times. They are based on any recent development taking place in the country. Previously, questions were asked about the Agni missile, achievements of ISRO, Brahmos, PSLV satellites, etc.
  • New Social Welfare Schemes by the Government – This topic is pretty important for both prelims and mains. These schemes impact our daily lives; therefore, they usually ask questions from this section. Questions previously asked related to schemes were about Swachh Bharat Mission, Jan Dhan Yojana, etc.
  • Important monuments and cultural sites in India – You know that Indian culture is full of diversity and heritage. Therefore, every year, various questions are asked related to monuments, their history, importance, etc.
  • Indian geographical mapping – Yes, this is also an important section in the IAS exam, but you can prepare it easily from NCERT or just buy an atlas. You need to study the origin points of rivers, their tributaries, any history of their creation, etc. In fact, you also need to study about the climatic transformation and pattern that affects the country’s economy.

Tips to Prepare for Current Affairs for the IAS Exam

  • The firstmost thing is knowing the syllabus before starting the preparation.
  • Do not buy too many current affairs books; instead, focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Read the newspaper as per the current affairs’ syllabus; do not waste your time reading the complete newspaper. Do not spend more than one hour reading the newspaper.
  • Time allocation is important; hence, do not spend more than 2 hours in a day preparing for current affairs.
  • Revision is important; therefore, keep revising current affairs so that you do not lose track of it.

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