SmallRig VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery: Portable Power Solution for Your Filmmaking Needs

As a filmmaker, having a reliable power solution is crucial to ensure uninterrupted shooting sessions. SmallRig, a leading brand in camera accessories, presents the VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery, a compact and powerful option that caters to the needs of modern filmmakers. With its portable design and intelligent features, this battery is an ideal companion for your next production.

Compact and Lightweight Design for On-the-Go Filmmakers

The SmallRig VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery is approximately 30% smaller than traditional V-mount batteries, making it incredibly compact and lightweight. This reduction in size means less burden during shoots, allowing you to move freely and capture those critical moments without being weighed down. Whether you’re shooting handheld or using gimbal stabilizers, the VB99’s compact design ensures maximum flexibility and convenience.

Intelligent BMS Chip for Efficient and Safe Charging

Equipped with an integrated BMS (Battery Management System) chip, the VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery offers efficient and safe charging capabilities. This advanced chip supports various fast-charging protocols, including bi-directional 65W USB-C PD fast charging. With multiple built-in protections against over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature, and over-voltage, you can trust the VB99 to deliver reliable performance while keeping your gear safe.

Versatile Compatibility for a Wide Range of Devices

SmallRig understands that filmmakers work with diverse equipment setups. That’s why the VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery features various interfaces, ensuring high compatibility with cameras, camcorders, monitors, wireless transmitters, video lights, and more. Whether you’re using universal or SmallRig-specific gear, this battery is designed to seamlessly integrate into your setup.


The SmallRig VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery is the compact and reliable power solution you need for your filmmaking endeavors. Its lightweight design, intelligent BMS chip, and versatile compatibility make it a trusted companion on any set. With SmallRig’s commitment to quality and innovation, the VB99 delivers exceptional performance, ensuring that you never miss a crucial shot.

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