Unveiling the Secrets Behind Quality Cooling Solutions

With their commitment to excellence and innovation, YCCFAN has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry. Their products, including the 140x140x25mm fan, are designed with precision and manufactured using top-grade materials to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Superior Construction and Durable Materials

YCCFAN’s fan boasts a construction that combines a glass fiber-reinforced plastic impeller and housing made of PBT with a UL 94V-0 rating. This robust construction ensures durability and resistance to high temperatures, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s operating in challenging environments or under demanding conditions, YCCFAN’s fans are designed to deliver exceptional performance.

Reliable Operation and High-Performance Features

YCCFAN’s 140x140x25mm fan operates reliably across a wide temperature range. With a ball bearing, it can withstand temperatures from -10 degrees to 70 degrees, while the sleeve bearing variant can handle temperatures from -10 degrees to 60 degrees. This versatility allows the fan to adapt to various operating conditions, providing efficient cooling for systems and components. Additionally, the fan exhibits excellent insulation resistance of at least 10meg Ohm at 500 VDC, ensuring reliable and safe operation.


Choose YCCFAN as your trusted fan factory for high-quality cooling solutions. Their 140x140x25mm fan, constructed with durable materials and designed for reliable operation, offers exceptional performance for a wide range of applications. With YCCFAN’s commitment to excellence and innovation, you can rely on their fans to provide efficient cooling and optimal performance for your systems. Experience the reliability and superior quality of YCCFAN’s cooling solutions for your cooling needs.

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