Should You Carry Custom Kydex Holsters Or Custom Leather Holsters?

A holster keeps the gun safe and ready to use in the field. But there are many holsters to choose from in the market. A debate of which holster is better, between custom Kydex holsters and custom leather holsters, is popular among holster lovers and makers. If you have made up your mind to get one between Kydex and leather, you will defend your choice with numerous reasons. But if you haven’t decided which one is better to carry, we have briefly stated the difference between the two for you to conclude.

We can confidently assure you that both the holsters, custom Kydex holsters, and custom leather holsters, work the best in different situations. You can choose which one is suitable according to your preference and work conditions.

Custom Kydex holster:

Kydex is a new material developed way after leather. Previously, holsters were made only with leathers, but now we can find new advanced materials like Kydex. The Kydex material is plastic-like material and was first used to construct aircraft interiors. The custom-made Kydex holster is made by melting Kydex and molding it on the replica gun to cover every corner. Once the Kydex cools down, it will take the shape of the weapon.

Custom Kydex holsters are firm and rigid. If you put your gun inside the holster, you can hear the snap sound when you lock it. After sealing your holster, the weapon stays in position no matter how much you move.

One of the most common complaints of the custom Kydex holster is lack of comfort. Even though the rigidity of the material keeps the gun safe but it feels uncomfortable on the body and skin. Kydex also requires attention as it can wear down with regular use. The last problem with Kydex is that it fits the custom-made gun perfectly, so it may not be suitable for other weapons.

Custom leather holster:

Leather has been used as a material for holsters ever since people required the need for gun holsters to keep their guns safe. The reason is simple, leather is both soft and sturdy, which means it can prevent damage to the weapon and is comfortable to carry.

Custom leather holsters are comfortable and protect the gun perfectly. The leather holsters are designed in a stylish way to make your holster look vintage and expensive. A well-made leather holster can work for decades, and you can find leather holsters aging 100 years in the museums. A benefit of a leather holster over a Kydex holster is the variety in designs. Kydex holster is limited to a specific model and design, whereas you can find different varieties of leather holsters. You can find different sizes and shapes of leather holsters and even in the IWB range. So, if you have a habit of rotating your gun, you won’t have any problem fitting them in your leather holster.

The problem with leather holsters is that they are very delicate, and without proper care, they can wear down easily. They are very costly compared to their alternative Kydex variants.

Depending on the work you do that involves a gun, you can choose a holster best suited for your daily lifestyle.

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