Shine Polymer: A Leader in Polymer Additives

Established in 2003, Shine Polymer has consistently delivered high-value polymer products, earning the trust of over 1,000 customers across 40+ export countries. As a ISO9001-certified high-tech enterprise, Shine Polymer has cemented its reputation for excellence in polymer additives manufacturing.

Unveiling Acrylic Impact Modifier Solutions

In its pursuit of excellence, Shine Polymer has introduced a range of cutting-edge acrylic impact modifier solutions. These modifiers, designed to enhance the impact strength and resistance properties of polymers, cater to a wide array of applications. Through meticulous research and development, Shine Polymer has crafted a lineup of acrylic impact modifiers that redefine industry standards.

Shine Polymer’s Acrylic Impact Modifier Portfolio

Within Shine Polymer’s portfolio of acrylic impact modifiers lie a series of meticulously engineered solutions aimed at meeting the diverse needs of the industry. From household appliances to electrical components, Shine Polymer’s acrylic impact modifiers offer unparalleled performance and reliability. With products like Shinepoly┬« LP2082, LP2083, and LP2088, Shine Polymer provides a comprehensive suite of options to suit various polymer processing requirements.

Innovation and Sustainability

At Shine Polymer, innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. The company’s commitment to environmental protection is evident in its championing of the ISO14000 Environment Management System Certification. By continuously innovating to develop eco-friendly additives, Shine Polymer ensures minimal waste and energy consumption while maximizing product performance. This dedication to sustainability not only sets Shine Polymer apart in the industry but also aligns with its long-term vision for responsible growth.


In conclusion, Shine Polymer’s dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability makes it a trusted partner in the realm of polymer additives. With its range of acrylic impact modifiers and commitment to environmental responsibility, Shine Polymer continues to raise the bar for the industry. As a leader in polymer additives manufacturing, Shine Polymer remains poised to shape the future of the industry through its unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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