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Soccer betting Duc helps players increase their winning rate and earn lots of bonuses from online bookmakers. This is not only a necessary skill but also an important step in predicting the bet with the highest probability of winning. However, not all bettors are knowledgeable and can do it thoroughly, see details in the expert’s article Home page new88 The following! 

An overview of German football 

German football is famous worldwide for its dramatic, emotionally explosive tournaments that touch the hearts of millions of fans. In addition to following dramatic tournaments from top clubs, the betting system also receives great attention. This is also the reason why German football odds are always at the top of searches and are constantly updated by many units. 

When it comes to German football, the Bundesliga is a prestigious tournament that fans cannot ignore. The German National Championship is held every year with the participation of top strong teams. Besides, Bundesliga 2 also made a strong impression with 20 teams competing for international competition spots. 

Not to mention, regional and state tournaments in Germany are equally attractive with eye-catching matches. If you want to easily participate in betting and win, German football betting is a must-do step. Join New88 experts to learn in detail how to accurately analyze and comment on the match right below! 

Summary of how to bet on unbeaten German football 

Soccer betting not only brings exciting moments of entertainment, but above all, this is also an opportunity for players to invest and change their lives with attractive reward rates. To bet on German football, bettors must first have a certain understanding of the methods, see details below: 

Study the statistics of recent matches 

To make a sure-win German football bet, players must first find out and research data related to the most recent match. Analytical content includes categories such as: Latest 5 match results, standings, injury situation, total goals,… 

Accordingly, teams with higher rankings will often maintain better performance and squads. However, when analyzing the rankings, bettors also need to observe the score gap, goal efficiency, etc. Thus, you can easily determine which team will be able to score goals and prevent them. Defend more securely. 

Besides, the competition situation or statistics of the results of the last 5 matches are also very important. According to experts, if there is a team with consecutive wins and high scoring efficiency in German football betting, you should bet because of the possibility of winning big. However, if a key player is injured, that team’s ability to play and score goals may also decrease. 

Compare first half betting data and full match betting data 

Another way to evaluate and make accurate betting decisions is to analyze information between first half bets and full match bets. By comparing, you can easily make accurate predictions, increasing your chances of winning optimally. 

First of all, players review the betting parameters in the first half that the betting site updated, including: Handicap, main bet, and side bet. After that, you check the same parameters with the whole match bet and compare to identify the difference. Through that, bettors can easily grasp the bookmaker’s assessment of the match as well as the change in the game’s position in the second half.
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In addition, when betting on German football this way, you can also know about sudden changes in the scoreboard or the playing style of the two teams. Based on this analysis, members can easily make decisions to invest in first half or full match bets to ensure safety and rewards. 

Analyze confrontation parameters 

Data related to the confrontation history of the two teams is also information that bettors need to analyze. To bet on German football accurately, players should statistically and research the following data: Total goals, form, kicking strategy, home field factors, etc. If you want to make the right betting decision, you should proceed. Check the history of the last 5 – 10 matches. 

Accordingly, any team with stable performance, the ability to score a lot of goals, and a home field advantage will have a very high chance of continuing to win. Besides, you should also study the tactics and force correlation of each team to easily compare. With this data, players can know which team is more inclined towards attack/defense, ability to control the ball, score goals, etc.

Research team news 

Betting on German football by finding out detailed information about the team is also an effective method chosen by many experts. With this method, you need to synthesize and analyze important data such as: Team lineup, injuries, offensive and defensive players, etc. 

Especially before choosing a bet, bettors should check the expected lineup of the match as well as the list of injured, suspended strikers, etc. Based on the information collected and analyzed, players Can predict match results accurately. For example, the team lacks some key players but the attack is still very strong and the ability to score goals is still quite high. 

Experts share experience in German football betting 

In fact, betting and making comments on matches is not a method that requires skill or is difficult to implement. However, players who want to make correct judgments need to understand and practice a lot to be confident with the results. Join New88 to refer to the following experiences when betting on German football shared by experts:

  • Don’t ignore the odds table: The odds are publicly updated by the bookmaker 5-7 days before the official match time. This is important data that helps players predict German football accurately, but is often missed by rookies. 
  • Consult experts: To be sure of your judgment, bettors should consult opinions shared by experienced experts. However, you need to learn and consider choosing a trustworthy, professional and safe betting site like New88. 
  • Pay attention to the betting odds from the bookmaker: Before the match, some betting sites will offer tricks to balance the bet with virtual numbers. Players who want to avoid the betting trap need to analyze and evaluate carefully and accurately based on actual statistical data.
  • Participate in forums: You can also access forums that provide reliable and methodical German football betting information for reference and to gain experience. 


Above is a summary of detailed information on how to bet on German football that players must definitely understand. The more thoroughly you analyze, the more you can make accurate judgments, place bets and earn huge profits from the house. If players have any questions, please contact us immediately to receive detailed answers from New88 experts!

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