Learning to Ride A Motorcycle (Beginners’ Guide)

Learning to ride a motorcycle is fun and has loads of benefits. Aside from the thrill of riding a bike, it is cost-effective and easier to park and learn than a car.

However, since the body of a motorcycle isn’t as equipped as a car, an accident from it could be more life-threatening. Hence the need to carefully and diligently learn to ride it the right way.

Being as prepared as possible for your first motorcycle ride will give you the best and safest experience. The following information will help you get ready for your first ride.

What You Would Need for Your First Ride

These are things you need as a newbie in motorcycling:

Protective Equipment

Safety gears and motorcycle clothing are essential to have a safe ride. As a thumb rule, safety comes first, and one way to ensure this is by getting the right gear. These gears include:

  • A helmet: It is not exaggerated to say the helmet is the most essential piece of motorcycle safety gear. A good helmet must have a snug fit to protect you from harm. While protecting your head with a good fit, it must also maintain your line of vision.
  • Boots, pants, and gloves: These gears protect your feet, legs, and hands. They aren’t made from traditional clothing material but are made extra special to protect you from or reduce the effect of the weather, sun, insect bites, and accidents.
  • Jacket: Motorcycle jackets are made of leather, strong enough to protect your torso while allowing free motion of your hands. There are different types of jackets; you should pick the one that suits your body size, the year’s season, and the environmental condition. You wouldn’t want to wear a warmer-weather motorcycle jacket in the summer.

A prepared mind

Many people have refused to learn how to ride a motorcycle because they cannot overcome the fear in their minds. Others invest so much time, effort, and energy only to have their fears stop them from riding.

Having your fears and anxiety under control is one way to ensure your safety and total enjoyment while riding. You can build confidence through positive thinking and a proper understanding of the ride, the road, and yourself.

Practicing in a controlled setting, such as an empty parking lot, can boost your confidence and increase your experience before you hit the busy roads. It is okay to be scared, especially when you are learning something new. However, it is not a sign to quit.

Fundamental knowledge about the motorcycle

You don’t need to know entirely about a motorcycle’s complexities, such as engine type and the manufacturer’s specifications. However, you should acquaint yourself with the basics, such as the brake, clutch, throttle, Kickstarter, and shift gears.

Additionally, you’ll need to know what to do—for example, how to use a wrench—when you run into difficulties, such as a flat tire or any other challenges. Usually, you can teach yourself to ride a motorcycle, but you are advised to enroll in a course and have someone watch over you. Not only is it safer, but it hastens your learning rate.


Following this comprehensive list, you have just prepared your mind and body for a fantastic ride. It is essential to ensure your safety is guaranteed while you have fun and learn a new hobby. So, allay all fears, and you are just a few practices away from being a pro.

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