How to Find the Right SEO Expert for Your Business

In selecting the best SEO Consultant for your business, one of the major criteria is that he should be an all-rounder on search engine optimization and not necessarily a person who will only look into certain limited areas like the under-mentioned; at the cost of not achieving any significant gains from all the good work done due to completely ignoring other specific areas that too have to move simultaneously if search engine optimization is to be a success:

  1. Modification of the existing site appropriately for SEO, subject to selection of new keywords.
  2. Selection of new keywords commonly used by other sites in the same business.
  3. Effecting any corrections and incorporating appropriate theme/title with alt and meta tags
  4. Research into visitor behavior to develop an appropriate style/tone for content.
  5. Initiation and management of an appropriate PPC scheme.
  6. Modification of the site structure for achieving excellent rankings all the time with search engines

A genuine SEO consultant will give a very near accurate estimate of costs and time factor for the full implementation of the proposed project to build a binding relationship of trust with the customer. However, he could have a problem of proving his bona fides since actual results take some time to show. In the meantime, in order to keep a demanding customer satisfied, the consultant could be dishing out a lot of professional time and advice for a small fee.

The Selection of an SEO Consultant.

Conversely, there are some SEOs to impress you, who will demonstrate some searches where your site comes within the first four or five without fail. You part with his equally impressive fee to see hardly any visitor clicks on your site later. Why? He has simply used some clever search terms (for hoodwinking you) that actual searchers will never think of for that particular product even in 100 guesses!

In order to maximize the results for your efforts and expenses, our suggestion is that you consider a search engine optimization campaign instead. Here are 6 good questions to put to a prospective SEO Consultant before deciding to hire him for search engine optimization:

  1. In order to optimize search engines picking up your site on a high priority basis, what are the methods he proposes to use?
  2. What is the total time involved for the full and permanent optimization? (subject of course to review and modification of keywords at reasonable periodic intervals)
  3. What are his qualifications?
  4. What is the total cost involved?
  5. Can he give particulars of any websites he had optimized before? Could he provide references for further verification?
  6. What guarantee would he give for the future efficient trouble-free operation of the site with regard to search engine optimization?

While incorporating the above safeguards, remember that the rule of thumb is to carry on if you can now trust the SEO consultant; or drop him if you still have some doubts. Conduct more research and look out for better candidates for your search engine optimization. If you decide to hire him, ensure that you establish an excellent relationship and work together, for, with the right person, such a relationship could achieve wonderful results for you, more than most other things.

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