How to calculate how much personalised number plates are worth?

It’s important to understand that a vehicle number plate’s value is determined on a variety of criteria. The following are just a few examples:

  • The number of similar registrations that are for sale or in circulation.
  • Expected vehicle registrations from the Department of Vehicle and License Services. The DVLA releases new batches of plates and National Numbers evaluates the impact of these releases on present and future plate prices.
  • The style of plate

The look of the plate

Some numbers hold a greater allure than others. The most prized is generally 1.

Numbers are often significant when they relate to high end car models such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti etc.

Many numbers have cultural, religious or spiritual value such as 786.

Numbers can look like letters e.g. 5 is like an S and 1 is like an I or L so the entirity of a plate can read like a word.


Letters are typically the most crucial aspect of a plate. Many plates are purchased because they match initials or short names, and some sets of initials and names are more popular than others.

The current trend

Plates with the term BOSS (BO55) have been extremely popular in recent years, and sales of plates displaying dog breeds such as PUG or LAB are up.

Plate provenance

Because of their previous activities, registrations now have a value. Classic, veteran, vintage, and post-vintage vehicle owners frequently desire plates that indicate the car’s age. Plates also feature geographical indicators and motorists may wish their registration to represent a certain area of the country.

As the register of registrations gets older and more intriguing, we’ve discovered that plates owned by well-known folks or those that have been on famous vehicles are worth a premium.

Year series

Some of the new millennium number plates’ releases are really appealing; especially the release of the 11 and 15 series plates, which produced some incredible matches to names and phrases. Other series aren’t as popular!

What happens when I get a number plate valuation from National Numbers?

Two tiers are available with our National Numbers service. Our data sets are used to create a private plate valuation through our online automated service.

We try to provide our clients with a realistic price that would result in a sale, but you are free to set your own asking price if you put it up for sale with us. Although we welcome our sellers to state their own pricing, we do check where prices have inflated to the point where we believe a sale is unlikely.

Do I need to own a number plate to get a valuation from National Numbers?

Yes, you must be the owner of the number plate or have permission from the rightful party. We will request and keep information that verifies ownership. This is especially crucial if you want us to market your number plate.

Do I have to agree to a sale if I have my plate valued?

No, if you only want a number plate appraisal you do not have to sell your license plate through National Numbers. However, if you utilize our free online service, you will agree that National Numbers may keep your contact information so that we can answer inquiries regarding whether or not particular registrations have been granted. You may at any time request that all of your information be deleted from our systems under GDPR standards.

Do I have to pay to have my registration advertised by National Numbers?

No, we will promote your personalized number plate for free, however if you desire to sell your number plate quickly, we do provide a premium placement that you may purchase to have your plate positioned more prominently in our search listings.

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