Fish shooting playing tips at Vn88 (Part one)

Among the various fish shooter games on the current market, the fish hunting game at VN88 remains remarkable and popular with many players. Many games in other casinos have nice descriptions, but they don’t last long once you begin playing them. The shooting game at VN88, on the contrary, is really appealing, with a plethora of prizes and a solid system. We will  see how to win this game using our advice.

Examine the characteristics of each type of fish

At VN88, the amount of fish points varies, but they always range from small points like 1, 2, 3, 5 to big mouths like 10, 25, 50 and even 100. Taking down any fish with the least amount of points because the less points a fish contains, the quicker it is to acquire cash. So, join VN88 right now to get started.

Beware of fish’s speed

When it comes to shooting fishes at VN88, most players have overlooked this aspect. To capture the desired fishes, you must first load ammo, set your stake level, and afterwards continually tap to shoot the pistol at the display. Yet, you are ignorant that, although appearing just on the screen at the same time, not all fishes move at the same rate.

Smaller fish move slower than bigger ones. Sluggish fishes will be easier to shoot than fast-moving fishes or missed objectives, that will make firing repeatedly time-consuming.

Big bonuses, such as dolphins or arowanas, being the exception to this norm. At Vn88, since you must take a lot of damage at once to defeat them. This situation occurs regularly during the match, but not during the big fish feast or fishing seasons.

Aim for the head of fishes

Some kinds of fishes in game are quite strong, so prepare until they assemble into a huge swarm before firing. You only have to employ huge bullets of gun tier 4 and 5, as well as use this section to target fishes with more gold than 5. As a result, there is no mistake. Because of their power, you must wait for them to be clustered together first and then shooting them. Remember, many small things can add up to a good chuckle!

Bonus areas are where you should aim

Even though the extra targets in VN88 hunting fish game do not appear on a routine basis, the additional bonus targets, which include dice balloons, shimmering fish, and gems, are always easy to defeat. So that you can focus on hitting it, it only has to glide slowly and seamlessly across the board towards to the center. Furthermore, y ou will perish 90% of a time. So, please check out VN88 to see if you’re a decent aimer or otherwise.

Because the voyage is long, the speed is sluggish, and the chances of dying are considerable, they are readily disassembled. Furthermore, the prizes you receive are 2-6 times greater than the regular number of points you receive. In some videogames, if you shoot five gems in a sequence, you will immediately level up. As a result, when enjoying shooting fish, you need focus on both the fishes and the additional bonus objectives in contrast to the fishes themselves.

Short conclusion

Now do not quit reading so soon since this isn’t the end of the VN88 fish killing game winning strategies. We do have lots more advice for you in our following VN888 post.

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