Choosing Demi as Your Trusted Food Tray Manufacturer for B2B Needs

When it comes to finding reliable food tray manufacturers for your B2B needs, Demi stands out as a trusted name in the industry. With a reputation built on over 20 years of OEM experience, Demi offers a wide range of high-quality disposable food trays that cater to the needs of cooked food, fresh food, and other packing industries. In this article, we will explore why Demi is the ideal choice for businesses looking for customized, safe, and professional food tray solutions.

High-Quality and Customizable Disposable Food Trays

Demi takes pride in producing high-quality disposable food trays that meet the industry’s standards and regulations. With the ability to customize the size, thickness, and color of the trays, businesses can find the perfect fit for their specific packaging requirements. Whether it’s a small tray for individual portions or a larger tray for family-sized meals, Demi ensures that the food trays are tailored to meet the unique needs of its B2B clients.

Safe and Harmless Materials

The safety of the food trays is of utmost importance to Demi. The food trays are produced using PP (polypropylene) and PS (polystyrene) plastic, which are known for their non-toxic and harmless properties. This ensures that the food trays do not contaminate the food and maintain its quality and freshness. Businesses can have peace of mind knowing that the food trays provided by Demi are safe for use and comply with food safety regulations.

Professional Service and Strong Team

Demi takes pride in its strong team and professional service. With their extensive experience in the industry, the team at Demi understands the unique challenges and requirements of B2B clients. They provide dedicated support and guidance throughout the process, from selecting the right food tray specifications to timely delivery. Businesses can rely on Demi’s expertise and excellent customer service to ensure a seamless experience.


When it comes to food tray manufacturers, Demi stands out as a trusted and reliable choice for B2B businesses. With their customizable options, safe and harmless materials, and a strong team providing professional service, Demi offers a comprehensive solution for all food tray needs. Whether it’s for cooked food, fresh food, or other packing industries, businesses can rely on Demi’s over 20 years of OEM experience to provide high-quality and customized food trays that meet their specific requirements.


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