Triton X 100 Solution: A Core Raw Material for Nucleic Acid Extraction from Magen

Magen Biotech, a provider of biotechnology supplies, offers a core raw material essential for nucleic acid extraction: Triton X 100 solution. With meticulous screening and quality control, Magen Biotech ensures the highest standards for this critical component.

Properties and Mechanisms of Triton X 100

Triton X 100 is a non-ionic surfactant with hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends. It remains undissociated in water, providing solution stability and resistance to strong electrolyte inorganic salts. The hydrophobic end has the ability to interact with lipids, such as phospholipids, forming soluble complexes. This versatile surfactant contributes to cell membrane permeability and disruption.

Enhancing Lysis and Nucleic Acid Release

When combined with Triton X 100, the lysis ability of cells or envelope virus surface membranes is enhanced. The surfactant dissolves lipids, increasing cell membrane permeability and facilitating the release of nucleic acids. Triton X 100 has a synergistic effect with SDS, amplifying the lysis ability, and promoting nucleic acid extraction. Moreover, it counteracts the residual effects of SDS, mitigating potential interference with subsequent processes.

Working in Harmony with SDS

By forming complexes with hydrophobic regions of membrane proteins, Triton X 100 aids in the dissolution of proteins and lipids. When used in conjunction with SDS, it enhances the lysis ability and disrupts the structure of cell membranes or viral envelopes.


As a core raw material for nucleic acid extraction, Triton X 100 solution plays a crucial role in facilitating efficient and effective lysis, as well as promoting the release of nucleic acids. Magen Biotech provides high-quality Triton X 100 solution, ensuring successful extraction procedures. By working in harmony with SDS, this surfactant assists researchers and clinicians in obtaining high-quality nucleic acid samples necessary for various life science applications.

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