The Versatility of Corrugated Box Flexo Printing Machine

Flexo, short for flexographic printing, is a modern general purpose printing method widely used in the packaging industry. It is the use of flexible letterpress and rotary press to transfer ink to a variety of substrates, to achieve high-quality printing.

Unlike traditional printing methods such as offset or gravure, flexo printing involves the use of flexible rubber or polymer printing plates. Flexo printing can be applied to a wide range of materials since these plates can adapt to the texture of the printed surface.

Printing on corrugated boxes demands a printing technique that can manage hard, uneven surfaces. Flexo printing performs well in this regard. Why say that? Due to the ease with which its flexographic plate can adapt to the ripple texture, printing is guaranteed to be high-quality and consistent.

In the field of packaging, corrugated box flexo printing machine has unparalleled adaptability to satisfy the evolving demands of the industry. It brings a high degree of flexibility and efficiency to the production process. This is a thorough overview of the corrugated box flexo printing machine’s versatility:

  1. Adaptability of Various Printing Materials

Corrugated box flexo printing machines are designed to handle a variety of different types of printing materials, including corrugated boxes of different thicknesses and textures.

Corrugated boxes often have different thicknesses, from thin to thick. Corrugated box flexo printing machined through their design flexibility, can easily adapt to this different thickness of printing materials.

Corrugated box flexo printing machines are designed with the surface texture in mind. Through the use of flexographic plates, they can adapt to different surface textures in the printing process. Whether it is a fine texture or a rough surface, these printing machines are able to maintain excellent performance, providing a high degree of guarantee for printing quality.

  1. Flexible Plate Adaptability

Corrugated box flexo printing machines use flexo plates, such as rubber or polymer, to adapt to the specific contours of the printed surface

This design feature makes the corrugated box flexo printing machine perform particularly well when dealing with materials such as corrugated boxes with irregular surfaces, ensuring more accurate and high-quality printing results.

  1. Height Adjustable Printing Unit

Pinlong’s corrugated box flexo printing machines are equipped with height-adjustable printing units. This means that the printing machine can easily adapt to different specifications and sizes of corrugated boxes.

This flexibility allows manufacturers to quickly and easily switch production tasks to adapt to the changing needs of the market.

  1. Advanced Color Management System

The corrugated box flexo printing machine is equipped with an advanced color management system that uses the most advanced color correction and adjustment technology to accurately restore the colors in the design.

Through the advanced color management system, manufacturers can ensure that their brand colors are truly reproduced, increasing the recognition and appeal of their products.

  1. Efficient Production Speed

Pinlong’s corrugated box flexo printing machines are known for their efficient production speed. This feature provides manufacturers with superior production efficiency and the ability to quickly meet market demand.

The high production speed of the corrugated box flexo printing machine is due to its advanced engineering design and technological innovation. These printing machines are equipped with highly automated systems that can complete complex printing tasks in a short time.

This high production speed brings significant advantages to the packaging industry. For example, this rapid production cycle allows manufacturers to be more flexible in responding to market changes, quickly introducing new products or meeting seasonal demand.

In addition, the fast printing speed also reduces the production cost of each print, allowing manufacturers to remain competitive in a highly competitive market.


In summary, the versatility of corrugated box flexo printing machines is reflected in their ability to flexibly adapt to different materials and printing requirements, providing a comprehensive and reliable printing solution for the packaging industry.

Their efficiency, precision and adjustability make them an indispensable tool in packaging production. As technology continues to evolve, Pinlong’s corrugated box flexo printing machines will at the forefront, driving innovation and ensuring packaging solutions always adapt to changing market needs.

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