The Role of Youth in Preventing Corruption

The youth can play a stimulating role in making the country corruption-free.  The future of ethics of the whole nation depends on the image of a beautiful, orderly youth.  The responsibility of managing all the institutions of the country lies with the wise elders.  Much depends on their experience, honesty, efficiency, and integrity.  But the responsibility of implementing the functions of the organization is properly fulfilled by the young and young adults.  The talent, labor, and skills of the youth bring success to the organization.  With the exception of a few misguided people, most of the youth in society is pure and idealistic.  If it is possible to bring them together, the existing corruption in the country can be prevented with them.  Good citizens want a social environment where they can live together in peace and happiness with their families.  Where there is corruption, there should be peaceful and strong protests.  The Holy Qur’an warns, “There is chaos and unrest in the land because of what people have done, so Allah wants them to taste the punishment of some of their deeds, so that they may return.” (Surah Ar-Rum, verse 41)

How Abort Youth in Preventing Corruption

The national problem of the country is to prevent corruption

The national problem of the country is to prevent corruption.  It is not only possible to punish the corrupt, it requires mass awareness, patriotism, and commitment of the youth.  Young people must come forward to prevent corruption.  It is possible to prevent corruption through movement from social responsibility.  While there is disagreement on the level and cause of corruption by declaring solidarity with the convictions, philosophies, expectations, and commitments of the youth, no one should have any disagreement on how to prevent it.  In addition, everyone should take part in the movement to build a happy, prosperous and progressive country by taking a peaceful stand against corruption.  As the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) called upon his people to build a corruption-free society, ‘Let him resist any unjust corrupt person among you with his hands, if he cannot do so, let him resist with his mouth.  If he can’t even with his mouth, let him hate with his heart;  And this is the sign of weak faith. ‘(Bukhari)

The formidable youth must stop corruption

‘The formidable youth must stop corruption’ — young people need to inculcate anti-corruption social values ​​in themselves and then move the anti-corruption movement forward from their respective workplaces.  Corruption can be prevented through the courage and organization of the youth.  If brave young people come together, corruption can be prevented with their team strength.  Everyone should say, ‘I will not be corrupt and I will not sew’.  In order to prevent corruption, it is necessary to leave evil behind and create a feeling of being attracted to the good.  Ideal and honest youth need to come forward to lead the social welfare work to eradicate corruption equal to the mountains.  Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And let there be among you a people who call to the good, enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong.” (Surat al-Imran, 104)

It is necessary to eradicate the roots of corruption from society by creating public awareness by the youth.  Information on who is committing corruption should be made public.  We have to pledge not to be corrupt with our family and relatives and also to resist.  The young people will only help and cooperate in this matter.  If the youth of the country start opposing dishonesty, injustice, and corruption, the corrupt people will be forced to give up corruption.  This requires the united consensus and organization of the youth.  It is possible to eradicate corruption from society by presenting the religious rules and moral disciplines to the public.

 Preventing corruption requires self-will and self-purification

Preventing corruption requires self-will and self-purification.  We have to control the human soul and prevent corruption in society through conscience.  If a person is attracted to corruption but can be free from corruption due to his own conscience, then he is a pure religious person.  Corruption can be brought under control only through resistance.  There is no alternative to social movement to curb corruption.  With a realistic slogan of ‘Prosperous Country, Enlightened Mind, Become Aware One’, the youth have to work for building a civilized society where there will be no crime, deception, injustice.


The country is bound to be free from corruption if the young generation stands up through self-empowerment. or this, all-around resistance against corruption must be built in all spheres of individual, family, and social life.  Interfaith leaders have to play a strong role in creating social movement and public awareness by creating preventive measures to curb corruption from the grassroots level in the light of good advice and religious rules from educational institutions, mosques, madrasas, mastabas, and various religious places of worship.  So let’s build a social movement for the practice of all-encompassing morality, with a firm commitment to say ‘no’ to corruption.

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