The importance of using modern technology to enhance the effectiveness of online education

The implementation of modern technology provides students with to have access to a lot of online resources thereby providing them with the correct encouragement so that they can carry out their own Research and become more independent when it comes to studies.It also helps students by simplifying the learning process and making it easier for them to understand the concept been presented in the classroom thereby helping in increasing The curiosity towards the subject and making it interesting to them. Online teaching has also evolved significantly with the use of modern technology that includes the implementation of techniques of virtual reality and Augmented reality along with artificial intelligence  and also gamification.

Teachers have realized that the implementation of these Technologies helps in the creation of an interactive environment which makes it easier for the students to have a better understanding of the concepts being taught. However, it is important to highlight that to teach online the teachers are required to learn about this concept themselves and also learn about the specific times that these modern technologies can be implemented to yield better results.It is one of the major reasons why most educational institutions are pushing their Teachers to educate themselves an online teaching methods through which they can work towards being more effective in the classroom. In the last few years especially with the start of the covid-19 pandemic,  the teachers also have resorted to the use of the online education method to undertake training in different kinds of modern teaching methods. One of the best examples that can be outlined in the case is the use of the learning Management System software.

Through the use of this software the teachers have found a lot of benefits in having better knowledge on the different kinds of online teaching methods present and also find the best one that can be implemented in the classroom. It is important to understand that each teacher has their own methods of teaching to the students so that better productivity can be achieved from the same. Therefore, the technique that is suitable for one feature may not be suitable for another. It is because of this reason that through the use of the learning Management System software the teachers are provided with lots of options of teaching methods thereby making it easier for them to find the best option that will suit that classroom.

Impact of modern technology in students’ education

Implementation of modern technology has also brought forward a lot of benefits for the students which includes better collaboration and participation, along with better engagement and assessment of the capabilities of the students. When compared to offline education, one of the major aspects where online education finds more favor with the students is that it allows the teachers to develop an inclusive teaching method that is easy to understand by every student thereby ensuring that they do not feel neglected or have problems when it comes to understanding certain concepts. In the case of traditional teaching the curriculum that is provided to the teachers has to be used to teach in the classroom irrespective of the fact of whether it can be understood by the students. However, in the case of online education it becomes easier for the Teachers to have a better assessment regarding the strengths and weaknesses of each student that are present in the class and then develop a curriculum that can make it easy to be understood.

Another major aspect that needs to be considered in this case is that the prevention of modern technology also provides better support to the students in increasing efficiency when it comes to learning about computer languages. In a world that is rapidly digitizing it is important that students have a better understanding of the different kinds of Technologies that are available so that they can increase the chances of getting better employment opportunities in the future. Therefore, by learning different kinds of Technical languages it will become possible for the students to enhance their understanding of computer language and thereby increase the chances of being more efficient and productive in the future.

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