Simplify Your Outdoor Lighting with BN-LINK Outdoor Timer

Make your outdoor lighting hassle-free and efficient with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer. The timer allows you to choose individual days or select from the pre-set combination days, providing flexibility and convenience. Transitioning to Daylight Savings mode is as simple as pressing a button, ensuring your lighting schedule stays accurate. The built-in backup battery ensures that your settings are preserved even during power outages. Whether it’s for outdoor Christmas lights, garden landscapes, or pool pumps, the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer simplifies your outdoor lighting needs.

Convenient Pre-set Combination Days for Hassle-free Operation

With the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manually setting your outdoor lighting schedule every day. The timer offers pre-set combination days, allowing you to easily select a group of days that have the same lighting schedule. This feature is especially convenient when you have a consistent routine, such as turning on your garden lights every evening. By choosing the pre-set combination days, you can save time and effort while ensuring that your outdoor lights are always on when you need them.

Power Outage Resilience and Easy Daylight Savings Transition

The BN-LINK Outdoor Timer is designed to withstand power outages without losing your programmed settings. It is equipped with a built-in backup battery that keeps your lighting schedule intact, even when the power goes out. This ensures that your outdoor lights continue to operate as scheduled, providing security and convenience. Additionally, transitioning to Daylight Savings mode is effortless with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer. Simply press a button, and the timer adjusts your lighting schedule accordingly, saving you the trouble of manually updating it.


Simplify your outdoor lighting management with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer. Take advantage of the convenient pre-set combination days for hassle-free operation and enjoy the resilience of the built-in backup battery during power outages. With easy Daylight Savings transition, you can ensure that your outdoor lights stay synchronized with the changing seasons. Upgrade your outdoor lighting system with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer and simplify your life with effortless control and reliability.

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