Recover Lost Funds With Csb Ai Services

Cyber Scam Burst (CSB) investigates all frauds ranging from Crypto, Investment, Romance, Banking frauds, etc. using the latest Artificial Intelligence  Technology. operates a regulated semi-commercial version of the PEGASUS software. PEGASUS is spyware developed by the Israeli cyber-arms company.

Our software is capable of spying on Blockchain systems, therefore, making it very efficient in crypto transaction investigations and roll-back. Since similar software like PEGASUS is only sold and used by governments, our team decided to liberalize this software framework for high-profile scams and for individuals who can afford the usage. The core objective of the software is to provide an easy and reliable means of investigating and unmasking fraudsters in high-profile cyber and crypto scams.

This software has the ability to trace transactions in cryptocurrency to different endpoints. It exposes the individual data in exchanges and wallets during funds movement. The newest and greatest ability of this software is to create a roll-back transaction channel on blockchain and other networks for safe payments and recall of payments when service is not delivered. services are unlimited to all cyberspace. Our services apply anywhere in the world in cyberspace. Our Artificial Intelligence Technology tracks scammers’ information, devices, communications, and movements. Our clients get live updates of our processes and procedures at every stage of the investigation. Our operations cut across the borders of countries and success is guaranteed.

Artificial Intelligence investigation enables the gathering of generic data from user devices, unmasked network details, and targeted algorithms’ precise decisions.


  1. Funds Recovery: 

– We recover stolen crypto funds from all wallets.

– We investigate bank-to-bank transactions for stolen funds recover.

– We track all crypto transactions to endpoints including exchanges and wallets where funds are domiciled

– We use generic data to expose and prosecute crypto scammers.

  1. Payments Routing (ESCROW SERVICES):

– For persons who need genuine payments in transactions, acts as an Escrow services for receiving and sending payments.

– If you are paying for any service in crypto but you are not sure of the authenticity, you can pay through our Pay Routing system, this will enable your funds to be rolled back if the services are not rendered. Our software releases specific instructions on the crypto payment chain to allow a roll-back of funds within a given period if we confirm that services for which payment, as made, were not rendered. Never lose money during crypto payments, either sending or receiving.


– Clients can verify businesses in various countries with our services

– Clients can seek legal services from us through the array of our associate Attorneys

  1. Criminal Prosecution: Get justice anywhere anytime; we smoke out the scammers

In all concluded investigations, we provide requisite details for legal actions to sue all involved individuals regardless of their countries of residence. With our network of Attorneys around the globe, we provide iron-clad evidence required in convicting every involved scammer. In high-profile cases, we initiate processes of extraction as we work closely with relevant government agencies.

HOW IT WORKS:  How we operate and the process of recovering your funds.

Investigating cyber fraud starts with a report from an individual or a corporate body. When a report is initiated, we make preliminary investigations and exhume preliminary facts. During the investigation, the client is updated on every step. Advanced investigation facts are used in Legal actions as may be required in various countries.

The Steps:

   –  Send in a report.

    – We provide preliminary facts.

    – We engage in legal action.

    – Final recovery and remittance to the client.

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