Forest City's Role in Promoting Sustainable Tourism through Real Estate Development

Forest City’s Role in Promoting Sustainable Tourism through Real Estate Development

Real estate development has always been a crucial factor in the growth of tourism. A well-planned development can go a long way in attracting visitors, generating revenue

and creating job opportunities for locals. However, with this comes the responsibility of ensuring that development is done sustainably, preserving cultural heritage sites and protecting the natural environment. Forest City, located in Malaysia’s Johor state, is a prime example of a real estate Malaysia development project that has taken on these responsibilities.

Preservation of Cultural Heritage Sites

Forest City is committed to preserving and promoting cultural heritage sites within the development. Their efforts benefit both visitors and the local economy. Visitors get to experience the local culture while boosting the local economy by supporting small businesses that sell traditional crafts and food.

Conservation of Biodiversity

Forest City’s commitment to protecting natural habitats and wildlife within the development contributes to sustainable tourism. The city has made a conscious effort to preserve the mangrove forests, which are home to various marine life and migratory birds. Additionally, they have created green spaces and parks within the city to support biodiversity. This conservation effort promotes ecotourism and nature-based activities for visitors while supporting conservation efforts. Visitors can participate in bird watching, nature walks and other outdoor activities, making their experience more immersive.


In conclusion, Forest City’s commitment to sustainable tourism has set a benchmark for future Malaysia real estate developments. Its preservation of cultural heritage sites, protection of natural habitats and promotion of ecotourism is not only beneficial for the environment but also contributes significantly to the local economy. As tourism continues to grow, it is essential to place emphasis on sustainable development. Forest City serves as an excellent example of how responsible development can be integrated into a project, making it attractive to visitors while enhancing the environment and local culture.

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