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Fly Cat was founded in 2013 to bring high-tech personal care products to the common person. While many people turn to expensive and ineffective solutions for their dental needs, Fly Cat hopes to change this through their innovative oral and nasal irrigation devices. In this article, find out how these products can be used for various health benefits!

Who is Fly Cat?

Since 2013, Fly Cat, a Chinese company that makes oral irrigators, has been making high-quality personal care products and giving great customer service. We’re in Shenzhen, and we serve the whole country of China. We have a modern 16000m² plant in Shenzhen and some skilled teams with a lot of experience making oral irrigators. Our teams are your teams, and they are ready to give the best oral irrigator to your customers. We got a medical device registration certificate and started the Oral and Nasal Medical Devices Association while focusing on research, development, production, and sales of high-quality oral irrigator products.

Fly Cat’s mission

We continually strive to produce maximum value and provide services to customers that exceed their expectations. In addition, we are developing improved oral irrigators to help people maintain their oral health. Our mission is to improve user experience and provide trustworthy relationship-oriented service. In addition, we have delivered exceptional service and products to the EU, the United States, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Japan, and other nations.


Fly Cat is a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of oral irrigators. Many people believe in our products because they can meet everyone’s needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our dental or nasal irrigators.

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