Qiaowang: Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions for a Greener Future

In today’s world, where sustainability is a growing concern, Qiaowang stands out as a leading provider of sustainable food packaging solutions. With over two decades of experience, Qiaowang has established itself as a pioneer in the industry, specializing in eco-friendly bagasse pulp molded tableware and related products.

Introduction to Qiaowang – Pioneers in Sustainable Food Packaging

Qiaowang, founded in 2002, has been dedicated to researching and developing environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional food packaging materials. Their expertise lies in the production of customizable bagasse pulp tableware, offering a wide range of options to meet various packaging needs. By choosing Qiaowang, you are not only making a conscious decision towards a greener future but also ensuring the safety and quality of your food packaging.


Reliable and Eco-Friendly Bagasse Pulp Tableware

Qiaowang’s bagasse pulp tableware is made from sugarcane fibers, a renewable resource that would otherwise go to waste. This makes it an excellent alternative to conventional plastic or paper-based packaging. The bagasse cups, bowls, plates, takeaway boxes, trays, and cutlery are 100% compostable, biodegradable, and safe for food contact. Qiaowang’s commitment to environmental protection is reflected in their philosophy of promoting sustainable living through innovative packaging solutions.


Customizable Solutions for All Your Packaging Needs

With Qiaowang, customization is at the core of their service. They offer OEM/ODM options, allowing you to personalize your bagasse tableware with your brand logo and package design. This not only enhances your brand image but also promotes your commitment to sustainability. Whether you are a national food chain, restaurant, caterer, food distributor, or grocery store, Qiaowang has the expertise and capabilities to provide tailored solutions for all your packaging requirements.



Qiaowang is your go-to partner for sustainable food packaging solutions. Their strong supply chain ensures a stable raw material supply, while their rich manufacturing experience guarantees strict quality control. With fast delivery options, Qiaowang ensures that your bagasse pulp tableware reaches you promptly. If searching for high-quality bagasse pulp tableware for sustainable food packaging, click here to learn more!

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