How to Incorporate Statement Jewelry into Your Everyday Outfits

How to Incorporate Statement Jewelry into Your Everyday Outfits

Jewelry has become a style statement in the recent day and age. Gone are the days when a piece of jewelry was worn just to depict the class of the wearer. They are now more of a fashion decision in the present day. Anywhere you go, whether to a party, a casual gathering, a business meeting, or any such event, you can always add jewelry to make yourself appear better and add a personal touch. No need to worry if you’re unsure of how to make a statement with your jewelry since in this post we’ll discuss how to pick the ideal item to complement your style.

Basics of Jewelry Selection

Jewelry selection sometimes becomes a little complicated, what to wear, when to wear. What could be the right piece for the day and so on? All of these considerations are essential when choosing the ideal piece of jewelry for you. For instance, it is advised to consider wearing gold jewelry if you have a warm skin tone since it would suit you better.

Select jewelry that compliments your entire appearance by matching the color of your attire. If in doubt you can always go for simple and classic designs that could go with almost any of the looks. You can add bold jewelry with intricate patterns which could help to add a pop of color, eventually making a statement. If you are confused about where to get all these different styles of jewelry you can always check out Evry Jewels, here you can find the perfect jewelry for you.

Similar to wearing gold jewelry, silver jewelry will complement cool skin tones. If you have blonde hair, you should wear silver jewelry to complete your appearance. If you are a brunette, gold is the color you should wear most often.

Dressing Up With Jewelry

When choosing jewelry to go with your outfit you should take good care of choosing the ones that compliment your dress and not distract the viewer’s eyes away from the outfit. This is important mostly while going to some formal occasion where over the top is less appreciative. You can choose diamonds, pearls, or any other simple and elegant-looking stones that could help enhance the look.

You can always choose statement earrings or a statement necklace that could add a little glitz to your ensemble. Anything that does not take away the attention from your look or should not look sore to the eyes. Maintaining harmony between your appearance, your attire, and your jewelry selection is crucial. Each and every aspect should complement each other enhancing the look.

Tips for Incorporating Jewelry Into Your Everyday Outfit

Choosing jewelry to wear can be challenging at times since, despite your best efforts, some pieces from your collection may wind up seeming out of place with the rest of your outfit. Following these suggestions can help you make a decision a bit simpler in those instances when you’re unsure:

  • Keep it simple: Always go for something straightforward if you’re having trouble choosing what to dress or are unsure about what to wear.
  • Balance is the key: no matter what you wear in the statement jewelry section, the overall goal of it should be to create a balance between the outfit, your looks, and the jewelry you wear.
  • Mix and Match: when in doubt you can always try mixing different combinations that you might think could work. As new trends are always born with experimentation


Although incorporating jewelry into your daily clothing may seem like a laborious effort, doing so after reading the tips and methods is simple and enjoyable. It should be noted that keeping the balance in the ensemble is a must, the single pice of ornament should not steal all the spotlight away from the overall look. Rather what it should do is complement the outfit by enhancing the look. Wearing jewelry is a fun activity and should be done in the same way.


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