Bedford Electric Water Pump Controller for Efficient and Intelligent Control

Bedford Electric is a leading manufacturer of high-quality water pump controllers, offering reliable solutions for efficient and intelligent control of water circulation systems. Their W713B Series products are designed to meet the diverse needs of industries, businesses, public places, agriculture, and residential water supply.

Constant Pressure Control with Intelligent Features

Our W713B Series Water Pump Controller is an inverter for pumps and an intelligent controller specifically designed for constant pressure difference control in central air conditioning water circulation systems. With its IP54 rating, it ensures optimal performance even in challenging conditions.

Versatile Modes and Multiple Protection Functions

The W713B Series Water Pump Controller offers various functional modes to meet your specific requirements. You can set the pressure directly, and it supports constant voltage, constant voltage difference, constant temperature, and constant temperature difference control modes. Additionally, it provides multiple protection functions for safe and reliable operation, including anti-frost, anti-clogging, and fault protection functions.


Bedford Electric’s W713B Series Water Pump Controller is a dependable solution for effective water circulation control in manufacturing operations, public spaces, agricultural irrigation, or domestic water supply. Its sophisticated features, varied control modes, and multiple protection mechanisms assure peak performance while minimizing energy consumption. Their water pump controllers are simple to install, work with the majority of water pumps and motors, and can support up to six pumps for adequate water supply. Bedford Electric can provide creative and dependable water pump controllers to satisfy your needs in a variety of industries and applications. With Bedford Electric, you may enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of our innovative water pump control technology.

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